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Todays Television Media is Wholly Owned by Corporate
Conglomerates Who Hide The Various Depredations of
The Bush Regime Beneath Their Mounds of Gossip

8-19-2001: With the possible exception of Dan Rather and CBS News the mainstream media like FOX, CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC show endless daily doses of sex-crazed conjecture and feverish fantasy; most people wonder why they don't confine their news reports to the recitation of fact.

When we read that a young woman found dead in a powerful congressman's office was actually killed by a blow to the head, contrary to earlier official statements that said her body had no marks whatsoever, and that the medical examiner in charge of the case previously had his license revoked in missouri for reporting false information, we do not go to the nearest cable news outlet to get the facts. We go to the internet where you can get the stories the right-wing leaning media refuses to report !

The Real facts; On 7-21-01, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Lori Klausutis, 28, was found dead in the office of U.S. Congressman Joe Scarborough, for whom Klausutis worked as an aide. Police on the scene said there were no indications of forced entry or physical struggle and "no signs of trauma to the body." The official medical examiner, Dr. Michael Berkland, then conducted an extensive autopsy ( more than 80 hours ) before announcing his findings last week.

Full Story Here, Strange Death in Republican Congressman's Office
Does Anybody in the Press Care About Lori Klausutis?

Berkland said Klausutis died from a blow to the head, probably caused when she fainted and fell to the floor after an attack of a previously undiagnosed "valvular condition of the heart." Klausutis, an avid runner and member of the Northwest Florida Track Club never had any heart problems in her life before her sudden mysterious death, but such things happen, Dr. Berkland said. He also admitted that authorities had previously lied about her fatal wound in order to forestall media inquiries into the case. "The last thing we wanted was 40 questions about a head injury," he told the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Dr. Berkland moved to Florida after his medical license was revoked in Missouri following a 1998 case in which he was found to have falsified information in an autopsy report, The American Political Journal reported.

Congressman Joe Scarborough was one of the rising stars of the Republican right. He focused on tax cuts, military spending, Christian values (he co-sponsored the Ten Commandments Defense Act with California Democrat Gary Condit) and, of course, the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, he broadened his media appeal by appearing on talk shows like "Politically Incorrect" and playing in a "patriotic rock band" with other Republican congressmen.

Last year, he raised $750,000 and cruised to re-election in November.

He was in line for powerful committees in the House, armed services, government reform, and judiciary. He also took a leading role in implementing the Bush legislative agenda. This spring, reports surfaced that Scarborough was planning to resign because of unnamed personal problems, including hints of an involvement with a staff member. He strongly denied these rumors ( which they all do until proven true ) and vowed to remain in office. On 6-20-01 congressman Scarborough suddenly resigned from Congress, saying he needed to spend more time with his family.

Not one word about it in the mainstream media, I wonder why !

The death of Lori Klausutis one month later passed unmentioned in the FOX-CNN-MSNBC Journal circles of higher mediadom. Not even the coverup of the blow to her head has aroused the pundits who prey on every lipstick trace of Chandra Levy and every trouser flutter of Gary Condit. While ignoring the numerous depredations of the Bush administration and the republicans right-wing destory earth policies beneath their mounds of gossip.

So what's Joe Scarborough going to do now that he's resigned. USA Today reports he is mulling over a couple of lucrative offers, a possible position in the Bush administration, or a high-profile job in ( you guessed it ) the media.

Speaking of the media, it is of course an established scientific truth that most of the mainstream press despite being wholly owned by corporate conglomerates and operated by ruthless bean-counters devoted solely to shareholder profits is not interested in reporting real news. All they care about is ratings and keeping shareholders happy.

For example, CNN and its new chief, Walter Isaacson, met with right-wing Republicans like Tom DeLay and J.C. Watts last week, begging them to help him tell their story on the network, Roll Call magazine reports. That gesture left Republican staffers encouraged. "He's panicking about losing viewers to Fox," said one aide, referring to the far-right-leaning propaganda mill owned by Rupert Murdoch. "He said, 'Give us guidance on how to reach more conservatives.'"

Now comes word from USA Today that CNN is trying to land a so-called prominent radio personality for their team, a certain Rush ( blow-hard liar ) Limbaugh. Of course he might be hard to get. He just signed a record-breaking contract for $285 million to keep spewing his hate-filled lies and moronic praises of Bush on the air.

If rush ( blow-hard liar ) Limbaugh gets on TV I will cancel my cable subscription.