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Texas Hold'em:

"In the poker game of life, women are the rake." - Worm, Rounders
"Gets down to what it's all about doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time." - Lancey Howard (Edward G Robinson) to "The Cincinnati Kid" (Steve McQueen)
"All I needed was an 8 or a 3 for a FLUSH!" - Anonymous
"WOW! Whatta night! I'm still grinning ear to ear. I love losing money!" - JD
"Hang around for five minutes and you can help us beat the sh*t out of Albert!" - WT to the first couple of guys to leave the game.
"This is an Outrage!" - Cardboni, when dealt a promotional card in the first hand of the night.
"Every time I think I'm gonna win - some prick beats me!" - The Crane.
"It's not cheating if you show 'em!" - Straight-Flush to Jake mulling over his hand.
"How'd you do?" - Cardboni joyfully to The Crane after he expressed belligerent frustration at losing out in tournament play.
"Flip the b*tch" - Throwback comment to our Rummoli playin' days.
"Actually, I was talking to the players." - CD from dealer's position to DM who had already dropped out of the tourney.
"Pull a Roy Rogers. Go all in and start singin' 'Happy Trails!'"- Cash
"It looks like an orgy out there."- AK (Andy) to a table showing QJKJQ
"It's fun when you have chips!"- Aaron
"Sometimes nothin's a pretty good hand."- Cool Hand Luke
"Everybody has different Goals."- JM to ST who had bought more chips to 'see how fast he could burn through them'
"I like you son, but I'll put a rattlesnake in your pocket and ask you for a match." - Amarillo Slim
"My life has turned around since I started spanking the cards!"- CM ... and yes, we think it's a euphemism, we're just not sure what it means!



D-Money's hospitality offered a lively event with lots of banter: "Playin' poker is a lot like sitting on my ass at home.", "Blinds have doubled? - warm up the car!" and "At least you didn't have to fly in for this!". Also, Cardboni tried to defend his heavy tobacco chewing habit by saying he'd been "playing lots of baseball lately ... X-box baseball."

Tournament 1: Andreas, Dana, Albert
Tournament 2: Caley, Rob, Dana
Tournament 3: Andreas, Albert, Rob
Tournament 4: Rob, Dana, Albert

1st annual Great Big Tournament

Tournament 1: Satvir, Albert
Tournament 2: Jamie, Andreas, Mike
Tournament 3: Rob, Andreas, Dana

[Player1 re. Cardboni]: "I didn't know he was that unclassy."
[Player2]: "He's spitting into a bottle!"

Tournament 1: Pumpkin's Buddy, Albert, Cardboni
Tournament 2: Albert, Dana, Steve
Tournament 3: Dana, Andy, Rob

This past Halloween Big Game was a big favorite. Straight-Flush was up big after regular play. In tournament play Neil managed to hang onto third place in the first tourney after going all-in about half a dozen times. Straight Flush also showed well in tournament play, winning two of the three events.

Tournament 1: SF, Analyst, Neil
Tournament 2: SF, Rob, Cash
Tournament 3: Brian, Rob, Dana

A short handed mid-week game saw several players bailing after contracting an unknown virus which Cardboni dubbed the "He's afraid of me" virus. This was particularly odd since Cardboni was also a no-show! A shortened 4'x5'6" table sat eight of us comfortably. Regular play was brisk with some loose players and new blood (welcome Cobra) and visiting dignitary GS (The Englishman). Even Albert seemed to be sporting his old form, but when the dust settled it was Jake who was up - big time! NL tournament play saw some big swings and a few bad beats (which I bore the brunt of ). It was only the side betting after I dropped out of the tournaments that kept me in the green! We introduced bounty chips in the second tournament which were very well received and Jake "Boba Fett" proceeded to collect them one at a time 'till he had all but Clayton's who he eventually split the win with! The third tourney saw Clayton struggling with his new moniker. Sometimes the mud just seems to stick, eh Spanky? Tournament results were:

Tournament 1: Albert, Sat, SF
Tournament 2: Spanky / Jake
Tournament 3: Sat, Rob

After a long, hot, dry summer, we were back in force with a September Big Game, but I think a few of us were a little rusty. After explaining to Neil that the black ink corner tags on the face cards didn't constitute a marked deck, but that they are there for Black Jack dealers to determine their down card we got rolling. -- I think the more detailed explanation was: "Marked decks are generally marked on the BACK of the card!". After healthy regular play, the tournament results were:

Tournament 1: Neil, Cardboni, Straight-Flush
Tournament 2: Caley, Straight-Flush, Doug
Tournament 3: Cardboni, Dana, Caley

Introducing new betting limits (up to 4 coins at any time) greatly improved play, as did the addition of new chips to the table when players were electing to buy more. With more chips in play, the energy was high. Rob and Doug were the big winners after regular play, benefiting from the new rules. Big pots were moved around in regular play and again in each of the tournaments. Newcomer Sat who fought a losing battle in regular play came out incredibly strong in the first tournament of the night and never lost chip advantage 'till finishing first ahead of Caley and Doug. Results were

Tournament 1: Satvir, Caley, Doug
Tournament 2: Jaxx, Doug, Caley
Tournament 3: Albert, Dana, Cardboni

Medium sized game that had a couple of greener faces in Andrew "Great Pumpkin" Marchand - not since the days of Wham has anyone seen such a neon orange shirt - and Chris "Money Bags" Wallace. Table play started off pretty slow with small pots and lots of folding, but Doug and Money Bags were the big winners in the first hour or so, with Rob, and Jason being down. Doug continued his habit of folding every hand except when he had a full house and Money Bags showed the skills that he developed playing Hold'em full time at College. After the first hour things got a little more serious as the table rules were changed to allow bets of 2 to 4 coins at anytime. Rob quickly (he has been waiting years for this) started betting 4 every time under the typical gamblers fallacy that he was due and although he lost a few lady luck fell his way and he took a few pots. In the end not even the presence of the usually good luck 11 month Isabelle could help the host Caley as he and Jason were the big losers in regular play.

With a slightly smaller field only the first two players would get $$$$$. Results were

Tournament 1: Doug "full house" Devlin, Money Bags (aka Pumpkin's Buddy)
Tournament 2: Rob, Dana
Tournament 3: Money Bags, Caley

The Big Game welcomed Andreas' brother Theo to the table. Dykstra was a no show and drops to tier 2. Regular play saw Albert and Straight Flush in the money, both rich with chips, but it was Albert who led the pack. In Tournament play I was out first hand to Jaxx who milked the chip lead to finish second ahead of newcomer Theo and losing to Cale in the home stretch. A marathon tournament that lasted ages! Doug ground out a win in the second tourney (after clawing back with his last four chips) ahead of Dana and Rob who also finished in the third tournament money. Caley shared the spotlight when his K5 went up against Q10 played all in. The table paired them both when a K and a 10 flopped to be followed by Q and then another 5!

Tournament 1: Caley, Jaxx, Theo
Tournament 2: Doug, Dana, Rob
Tournament 3: Dana, Rob

The Big Game welcomed Jason "the analyst" as our newcomer, but the welcome was short lived as Jason proceeded to mop us up with his own interpretive trifecta -- finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in tournament play. But the icing on the cake was the straight-flush he played to the table! The first ever seen in a Big Game! Table play was strong but I can't really comment on tournament play 'cause I found myself dealing early each game!

Tournament 1: ZZ, ZZ, ZZ
Tournament 2: yy, yy, yy
Tournament 3: xx, xx, xx

The Big Game welcomed several newcomers from Orca Bay including a cautious Graham who started slowly but promises to be a strong contender at future Big Games. They all joined us in suffering Dana's wrath during regular play. Up over 80 coins, Dana "Straight Flush" Maslovat was certainly the big winner before the start of tournament play. He held on for third spot in the first tournament but was held back from the prize for the rest of the night. Rob and Doug finished first and second respectively in the first tournament but it was Doug who mastered tournament play finishing in the top spot in the third tournament of the night. Albert showed strongly once again capturing a first place finish in the second tournament with newcomer Chris finishing a respectable second ahead of Cash. The big hand of the night goes to newcomer Andrew who took Wallace out of tournament play with four nines on the river. Dana's comment "Look at it this way, at least you lost with a full-house" didn't seem to provide much consolation!

Tournament 1: Rob, Doug, Dana
Tournament 2: Albert, Chris, "Cash"
Tournament 3: Doug, Caley, Rob

Doug and Andreas dominated regular play in the first Big Game of the year, then proceeded to carry their good fortune into the first tournament of the night, finishing first and second respectively. Albert returned to centre stage in the second tournament of the night, battling Caley for first spot. With blinds capped at 16-32, it looked like a battle that might go on forever so the timed play-off rule was introduced. (15 min after we're down to two players if there isn't a winner, it's declared a draw). With one minute to go, Albert's Full-House lost to Caley's Four of a Kind! Caley showed strong in the final tournament of the night too, losing out in the home stretch to Doug who was our Big winner of the evening. Not that we're counting, but didn't Doug play a full-house to the table like five times! Wayne's return to the table was joyously received but had little or no impact on play. Wayne finished as our strongest dealer yet under Andreas' trainee come pit-boss supervision.

Tournament 1: Doug, Andreas
Tournament 2: Caley, Albert, Straight-Flush
Tournament 3: Doug, Caley, Rob

The Crane dominated regular play then limped through the first two tournaments, finishing a respectable second and third in the last and largest two tournaments of the evening. The first tournament opened with Caley going all-in with pocket aces and three Jacks showing to the table for a full house, but it was Jaxx' pocket Jack that won with four of a kind. Jaxx wins with Jacks! Newcomer Jake M. took the first and final tournaments, also finishing in the big money. (Isn't that always the way with new players!) Once again, Albert was struggling. What has happened to the mystique of the early days? Is it possible he really isn't a god? Jaxx fared well in tournament play and dominated Cardboni throughout the evening. So much that Cardboni forgot to sweep the felt on more than one occasion, finally redeeming himself by finishing second in the last tournament of the night.

Tournament 1: Jake, Rob, Jaxx
Tournament 2: Rob, Straight-Flush, Jaxx
Tournament 3: Jaxx, The Crane, Rob
Tournament 4: Jake, Cardboni, The Crane

Another GREAT evening of hold'em welcomed newcomer Rick "no checks - Cash" Ramsbottom to the Big Game and visiting dignitary G. Scales who arrived in time to sit in on the last tournament of the night! Caley and I were up after regular play with Cardboni, the Crane and surprisingly Albert falling short. In fact, Cardboni only swept the felt once! With alternating decks and blinds doubling every four hands, $2, $3 and $5 tournament play was nicely paced. The first tournament was mine for the taking. In the second tourney, Andreas mimicked Cardboni's betting strategy and followed him all-in pre-flop. The river brought them each a flush -- Andy with the nut! In the final tournament, "Straight Flush" Maslovat pulled newcomer "Cash" all-in for the win while sitting on Pocket Kings only to lose the pot to "Cash" when he flipped pocket Aces! This equalized the chip count and ultimately won him the tournament. Congratulations "Cash"!

Once again, a mid week game pulled in a good crowd. Two newcomers joined the Big Game. Welcome Andreas and Neil! Both played well. Neil went all the way to win the first tournament, showing that his time spent on video poker wasn't wasted! The bobbsey twins "Cardboni" and "Jacks" (tryin' to get the monicker to stick, Justin) fared best in regular play and "Cardboni" went on to take the second and bigger money tournament! Well done "Cardboni"! With one of the core four absent, the remaining core players showed quite poorly and clearly missed the leveling influences of the absent fourth. Aaron was a no show and drops to tier two.

The Big Game welcomed a true celebrity and inspiration for the "Pocket Medford" who stood tall in regular play and took the number two spot in the first tournament of the night. Newcomer JP "easy-fold origami" stepped up and hit the felt running, playing strong from the moment he joined the table. Wild-child Simone was a no-show and drops to tier two. Once again, Albert was a big winner as was Caley who took the largest tournament pot to date. Finally, a special footnote for the evening's introduction of proper poker chips which were VERY well received!

We've got chips!!! Thanks D&T. May 4, 2002.

Hmm, I must say I was happy to be able to play a pocket medford to the table, but only barely managed to hold my own in regular play and I took a huge dive in the tournaments that followed. As usual, the game opened with a fresh deck of cards. Cardboni launched into his regular banter early and proceeded to soak the cards with his Jack D. Nice one Cardboni - back to the old deck it is.

Introducing the double minimum at the turn changed the dynamic dramatically. Lots of hands fell at the flop and many fewer went to a show-down. Brett "Sir Callsalot" Huffey fed the pot with a constant trickle and Doug did well enough to doubled his money after regular play. The brothers-in-law battled to a head-to-head finish in the marathon of tournaments that lasted at least an hour and a half! Next time we double blinds every four hands - that was painful to watch with few spectacular hands. Mind you, there's still some discussion about the last tournament. Straight-Flush Maslovat went all-in against Albert for the number two spot. Albert rivered a full-house against three Aces ... or was it also a full-house? No sense living in the past. Prove yourself next time!

Slow play early in the evening moved some coins around. It was Wayne "I don't grumble when I win" Thompson who fared best, up about 70 coins after regular play. In the first tournament of the night, Josh proved that veggies are the true power food, winning it all after munching down the big salad. Jared would have been proud. The big swing of the night came at the kickoff of the last tournament of the evening. Steve and Albert went head to head on the opening hand. Both players came out strong and went all-in on the first hand. Each was playing a strong hand, but at the showdown Albert's pocket Jacks gave him three J's which beat Steve's three of a kind with pocket 10s! A brilliant start to the final tournament, giving Albert a strong position which he milked to finish second, finally losing to "StraightFlush" Maslovat at the wire.

"Tony Cardboni" scraped a hand-full of winnings from the felt on more than one occasion this evening while newcomer Johnny "4-eyes" Dykstra kept seeing a '4' in his hand which wasn't there!  After six hours of play, the Big Tournament of the evening (and the Big Money) came down to a full-on battle between experienced tournament champion Albert Yan and founding player Dana "StraightFlush" Maslovat.  After working up to blind bets of almost 50 coins moving across the table on each hand and with both players all-in pre-flop, the table dealt an advantage back and forth before beating out both players on the river with a full-house and a split pot!  Albert eventually walked with the coins, but it was an exciting end to a fine evening!

The die-hards showed up for a mid-size, mid-week game.  What?  A mid-week game?  I guess I can't complain, 'cause there were a few coins that found their way into my pockets for a change!  Tournament play was intense.  One of these days we'll pull together an evening of tournament play!

OK, I'm getting tired of losing my money to you guys!  Albert stepped up again in the big game, heading home to the new wife with another pocket full of silver.  It's about time we knocked him off that hill boys.  But Albert left before the tournament play began and wasn't in the running for the big coin.  Aaron's tournament play rounded out the evening with a blistering win over Doug "international waters" Devlin.  Planning to bring him along next-time Doug?  Ask him to bring that suitcase of coins with him!

Inaugural "Big Game":
Albert was the BIG WINNER of the evening, walking away with an estimated 100 coins (most of them from my side of the table) while Aaron demonstrated himself an exceptional dealer dropping out of the play early to flaunt his skill.  I think he paid back most of his debt by the end of the evening with the tips he received!

Also (FYI) WSOP Winners:
2003 Chris Moneymaker (first internet qualifying winner)
2002 Robert Varkonyi
2001 Carlos Mortenson
2000 Chris "Jesus" Ferguson (the first time the first prize was $1.5 million)
1999 Noel Furlong
1998 Scotty Nguyen
1997 Stu Ungar
1996 Huck Seed
1995 Dan Harrington
1994 Russ Hamilton (also won his weight in silver as a "WSOP Silver Anniversary" bonus)
1993 Jim Bechtel
1992 Hamid Dastmalchi
1991 Brad Daugherty (the first time the first prize was $1 million)
1990 Mansour Matloubi
1989 Phil Hellmuth, Jr. (youngest ever winner)
1988 Johnny Chan
1987 Johnny Chan
1986 Berry Johnston
1985 Bill Smith
1984 Jack Kellar
1983 Tom McEvoy
1982 Jack "Treetop" Strauss
1981 Stu Ungar
1980 Stu Ungar
1979 Hal Fowler
1978 Bobby Baldwin
1977 Doyle Brunson
1976 Doyle Brunson
1975 Sailor Roberts
1974 Johnny Moss
1973 Puggy Pearson
1972 "Amarillo Slim" Preston
1971 Johnny Moss (won in competition, as are all subsequent)
1970 Johnny Moss (awarded by peer vote)