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(vocal intro)I close my eyes but just for a second
As I watch some things that I just don't reckon
Should be goin' on in this world today
Too many of homies are bein' slain
And there ain't a damn thing about it that I can say
That can bring back my homies of yesterday

(Verse 1) Visions of violence is shootin' through my head
As I look through the Sniper Scope and take off his head
Bringin' him down for fuckin' with my crew
And it's just oneofthemany things that I just gots to do
To keep law and order on these streets
And to keep my killas from taken a beat
In the ass in the jail of the county or state
Too many RockHeads are in them today
But I keep it up and I keep it real
Representin' every figga that has to deal
Because I gotta be tough
I gotta be mean
Ain't a damn thing comes by me that goes unseen
Like that hooker to the right given a cop some head
Or that business-exec over there stealin' some bread
To poor crackhead who I just popped in the head
I can't say... that this shit ain't hard
But I gotta live this life just to stay on par
Because I got too many people jockin' my nuts
And I'll fuckin' sellout the day they really give a fuck

(Verse 2) Sirens in my ear and I'm ready to die
So I hide by the stoop stayin' out of sight
But I can't run
And I can't hide
But the cops would've found me if they turned on their lights
To the shadows of this street
But even out here there's some shit you don't wanna see
The voodoo doc placin' a curse
Or the abortion clinic run by a student nurse
Now I'm out to get these fucks that are makin' me ill
They's all ready on my big ass list of kills
And that shit really bothers me
Man it really troubles me
But there was nothin' I could do in the late last century
Just a punk little kid -- gettin' by
With a bag of coke... I gotta get high
Chop it out rough. Snort it up clean
Abandoned basements so we don't get seen
Slangin' that yay each and every day
Workin' for drug dealers was the only way
I didn't have shit except for myself
Then I started ballin' coke and got a mountain of wealth
It ain't been easy but damn it was fun
And now it's scum like that I got on the run

(bridge)(spoken) Yeah that's him (who?) Him over there. That trick ass bitch that tried to ballin' Jay's girl last week. (Get in position) Lock and Load... He's in my sights (Shoot at will) (sound of a single round being chambered in to a rifle) (rifle being shot)

(Verse 3) Head shot but he's still alive
How could that be? This bitch has to die!
I chamber one more as I go for the kill
MOTHERFUCKER!! Here come the cops over the hill
I put down the rifle for a glock instead
Slide in the clip and put it twice in his head.
His partner's down. He ain't gettin' up.
I swing around the side "Bitch get the fuck up!"
But he just don't listen
He's stricken with fear so I place the tip of my glock on his inner ear
His breathing quickens. His skin color pales
Lord, forgive me! I'm goin' to Hell!
(sound of a .9MM Beretta going off one time)(body hitting the ground)
I've been hit in the back. Right in the spine
But I thought ahead and got the jacket in the time
I play it off. As they approach. Switchblade knives go inside they throats
They down, they ain't breathin'. What do I do?
I grab my knives and head for the crew
Back in the house. Chillin' in the crib.
Police surround me. I don't believe this shit
I head for the basement and through the fake door
End up three blocks over and I'm ready for war
Out of the ground strapped to the teeth
Fuckin' police is on the scene
As I leap up their guns explode
(sounds of fully automatic weapons being fired)
They missed me! It wasn't that hard
I sit crouched with a grenade beside a car
I pull the pin and throw it in their in their cluster

I crack my head on the pavement but I gotta think
Adrenaline rushin'... but not enough gas
In the tank to take me outta this place
How could it be in the course of a minute
I go from a King to this fugitive shit?
I feel a hand grippin' my chest
I look up and see my lady's breasts
She holds my head and I hear somethin' click
(spoken) Hey baby what was that... (gunshot) shit....