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Date: 2/19/2002          Reporter: E-Rock
AOL IM: Tha RockHead

Tha Final RockHouse... ever

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Tha RockHouse

Tha Final Chapter

A little over 12 months ago, I started writing for I then opened up a website with the ever-so-hated JDawg called RockHouse Wrestling. And it was a success. And over that time, I began getting acknowledged for my writing skills, and developed a rather loyal fanbase. And I want to thank all of you up front for all the support. Now let's get dirty!

It's been several months since I last wrote anything worty of being read. I'd write something out, read it, realize it was complete garbage, and delete it before anyone had the chance to see it. Nothing interesting was going on. Nothing worth writing about was happening. The one thing that really pissed me off was having Jericho be the first man in history to hold both the NWA and WWF Championship belts. I wanted to fucking PUKE! Payne was right about that... "...and Chris Jericho is only a few notches higher on the totem pole than Christian."

Frank Gotch and Ed "Strangler" Lewis are probably spinning in their graves right now. Now, I wouldn't care so God damn much had it just been the WWF title up for grabs. Because, in the history of this sport, the WWF title means JACK SHIT! Yes, it is more recognized by the fans, but the belt used for the WCW World Title was from the last of the NWA federations that existed way back before Vince McMahon, Jr. was even thought of. Ric Flair, the only man to have held that title 14 or 15 times has to be pissed at having Jericho hold that belt!

But tonight ain't all about me bitchin' about something that happened two months ago. Tonight, Hulk Hogan returned to the World Wrestling Federation. I say "tonight" because, in my opinion, pay-per-view returns don't count. Only a limited number of people get to see them as opposed to making a return on national television where over 7 million people will see it around the world.

His monolouge in the center of the ring was so damn true. It was the fans who drove him out of that company. Yes, he sold out more arenas than The Rock ever will. Or Austin, or Nash, or The Honky Tonk Man (#2 draw in the WWF back in his day). What he said about how "we defeated the Russians together. Andre the Giant, God bless his soul. We picked up his 700 pound body (which ain't too far from the truth), lifted him up over our heads and bodyslammed him down to the ground..." a huge smile came across my face. That was the night that Hulk Hogan made this business. That was the night that Hulk Hogan was handed the torch from Andre. And here's a little known fact: Andre the Giant was originally booked to win WrestleMania III!

His epic battles against The Macho Man (Wrestle Mania V), Ultimate Warrior (Wrestle Mania VI), and Sgt. Slaughter (Wrestle Mania VIII) will go down as the the greatest matches in Wrestle Mania history.

Which brings me to my next topic.

Who would have ever imagined that Hulk Hogan and The Rock would be fighting at Wrestle Mania? Certainly not me. Two of the most charismatic men EVER in the WWF will be going at it. You can argue with me on that all you want, but Hulk Hogan brings an energy to the ring that is unmatched by anybody today. Not event Triple H himself can get a crowd juiced up like Hogan can! It's un-fucking-real.

Now I could sit at this laptop computer all night long singin' the praises of Hogan, but it's damn near 1 am and I'm an hour late for my run.

Some of you are probably wondering why I'm making my "retirement" from writing. It is more than just losing my passion for it, or nothing happening. I will be getting married later this year and enlisting in the United States Air Force.

So to OCMAN, thank you for giving me my start here on your site and my 15 minutes of fame.
To JDawg for stickin' with me over this last 14 months.
To John Cross for givin' me shit just to give me some shit :-D
To all my RockHeads past and present for reading my game and supporting me.
And to the rest of Tha RockHouse Crew.

Without any of y'all RockHouse Wrestling/Entetainment would not have been possible. And for that, I salute.

Keep it real