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PapaRog's Favorite Spots

After retiring from the construction industry, Papa went to work for

North Kern Golf Course

Papa had originally planned on an easier job during retirement.
He states, "I have never worked harder since moving into a management position."
Papa has always told the children, "a person has to work hard, but play harder."
Guess that is what he is trying to do, since he plays golf Monday through Thursday,
He even manages to get in a few games on Saturdays too.. :)

This fisrt photo, maybe, should be the last.. :)

Here we are looking across the putting green.. to the 18th green.

This next one is a beauty

Here is the 11th green.. par 3.. 167yrds
On the right hand lower corner is the fenced area for North Kern's weather satellite.
It feeds North Kern constant info on local humidity,
and temperature right to their computer.
The satellite also provides other pertinent info for proper course maintenance.

Papa has spent many hours here.. :)

North Kern's driving range hosts
the annual Long Drive National Competition for their region.

A nice hole for an easy par, even a birdie or two..

At the 16th green.. #2 handicap.. par 4.. 444yrds.. facing north
the clubhouse in barely seen in the far left distance.

Another area where Papa spends time.. :)

Everyone needs a little practice at this green,
Especially the golfers with problems on their short game.. :)

North Kern has some of healthist & prettiest palm trees,
making the golf course an oasis.

PapaRog recently transplanted 19 palm trees,
changing the play, allowing for a more challenging game of golf.

Hey Bob, I'll have Pepsi, your turn to buy.. :)

9th green.. sand trap at right center.
PapaRog(Projects Manager),
will be remodeling this green very soon.

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