Vincent Corday

Name: Vincent Corday

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Date and Place of Birth:Oct 1764; paris

Physical Description: He's tall, but not stocky, auburn curly hair the color of Alexandra's brown eyes.

Distinguishing Features: a very sweet smile

Occupation: bookeeper/owner of the Corday's family business

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Gerard Corday(father)
Juliette Corday (wife)
Charlotte Corday (daugher not biologically)
Little Paul Corday(son)
Alexandra Chauvelin (sister)
Paul Corday(Brother)
Henri Chauvelin(Brother-in-law)
Gabriel Chauvelin(nephew)

Current Residence:Paris

Friends:Lots of friends, just never developed

Enemies:no known

History:Rather regular childhood. Russian mother, two brothers and a sister. He was always the mature one, but by no means serious at all times. He now sees himself sort of as the patriarch even though their father is still alive. Vincent takes care of the business now that his father has retired.

Personality: Very sweet and smart; has a sense of humor

Special Skills: Working with numbers business sense

Quirks: (none apparently)