Samuel Chirac

Name: Samuel Jerome-Yves Chirac

Age: 25ish

Gender: Male

Date and Place of Birth: September 25, 1770, Paris

Physical Description: 5'11" Very slim and almost lanky in build - but in a hot way *yeah baby* Mid-fair complexion. Aquamarine eyes, and dark blonde hair, worn short. Modest but tasteful dresser, for his station.

Distinguishing Features: His smile, which lights up his whole face, and a contagious laugh that people dont' hear too often.

Occupation: Soldier at the Directory.

Marital Status: unmarried

Known Relatives: none

Current Residence: Paris, regularly

Friends: Rene LeNeveu

Enemies: though not nemises, per se, Desgas and Moreau

History: still developing.

Personality: Very sweet and pretty fun. Becomes withdrawn when upset. Extremely loyal. Still developing.

Special Skills: Shopping and F*cking (hey isn't that a play? LOL) and just kidding. Although I'm sure he's wonderful at both, he also excels at cricket, card games, and drawing.

Quirks: can put himself into a human pretzel, and has.