Rene LeNeveu

Name: Rene Marc LeNeveu



Date and Place of Birth: Nov 1; Paris

Physical Description: Rene is 6'1 and has blone curly hair and brown eyes.

Distinguishing Features: He's well built and usually has a tan from working outside

Occupation: National Guardsman

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Robert(Brother)
Harrietta (sister in law)
Iris Chauvelin (Wife)
Henri and Alexandra Chauvelin (Brother and sister-in-law)
Gabriel Chauvelin (nephew)
Fleurette Colombe (neice)

Current Residence:Paris

Friends:Sam Chirac; others about Paris

Enemies:Frederic Desgas; and others I'm sure

History: Lived a pretty mundane childhood and young adult life. He met Iris by protecting her from an abusive relationship and offering her shelter. He ended up killing her ex-fiance in self defence and went on trial for it, getting of with the help of Henri Chauvelin. Rene's mother is deceased and his father is blind, but he loves his family. He married Iris only a few months after he met her, but he enjoys married life so far.

Personality: Nice and a joker, but he's rather impulsive and is very stubborn

Special Skills: Shooting and fishing

Quirks: (none apparently)