Paul Corday

Name:Paul Corday


Gender: Male

Date and Place of Birth:1772; Paris

Physical Description: Paul is the baby of the family. He looks it as well he looks a little different from his brother's, but still has several of the same charicteristics.

Distinguishing Features: Shorter than his brothers, about the height of his sister. Blue eyes.

Occupation:Travels in Italy and Spain for his families business interests. Recently 'quit' but is planning to go back some day when he patches things up w/ his father.

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Bianca(Wife: Whereabouts unknown)
Gerard Corday (father)
Vincent Corday (Brother)
Alexandra Corday(sister)
Juliette Corday (sister-in-law)
Charlotte Corday(Biological daughter, but she doesn't know---she thinks he's her uncle)
Little Paul Corday (nephew)
Henri Chauvelin (Brother-in-Law)
Gabriel Chauvelin (nephew)

Current Residence:Paris/Italy

Friends: more drinking buddies than one should have, Adele (see below)

Enemies:Adele (see above)

History:Had a relatively normal childhood, which blossomed into a wild young adult hood. Has been in several duels and was often drunk on the weekends. He didn't stop his wild ways even when going on business for his father. Although he does take it seriously and is good at what he does. He compromised an italian girl and was forced to marry her, but she ran away once in Paris and no doubt the marriage will be disolved or 'forgotten'.

Personality: fun loving, but rather selfish. He does have feelings, but they usually take presidence over anyone elses---usually, but not always.

Special Skills:Cards; schmoozing; swordplay

Quirks:Loves his family very much especially Charlotte, but is rather careless at times. He also has a way with women and never regrets using it;)