Monique Levai

Name: Monique Anne Levai

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Date and Place of Birth: 1776, Calais

Physical Description: She's 1, but looks younger. A tiny girl to begin with, but due to malnutrition tiny *and* sickly. She has a hollow face with brown eyes and framed by dark brown hair. Hints of her pretty childhood still remain, but are fading quickly. Is usually bruised in some place or another.

Distinguishing Features: None. She's rather indistinguishable from the whore on the corner before and the one after.

Occupation: On/off prostitute.

Marital Status: Unmarried, but has one lover or another.

Known Relatives: None

Current Residence: With Paul

Friends: Luc Dupois, Paul Corday, misc. girls throughout Paris.

Enemies: The rent collector and rival prostitutes. And though she really won't admit it to herself, Luc Dupois.

History: The only child of Bernard and Claire Levai. When she was 12, the family moved to Paris because her father was fired from his job as a fisherman. Unfortunantly, the new start they hoped for didn't come. They ended up in a tenement where her parents fell ill and eventually died. Monique was orphaned by the age of 16 and a soon turned to the streets. She last lived with a man named Luc Dupois before leaving with Paul Corday.

Personality: Bitter. Very bitter. But she can push it aside to be civil. She used to reach out for love but found none, so has locked her heart up tight.

Special Skills: Choosing really awful men for lovers.

Quirks: Do really weird emotional mood swings count?