Louise Trottier

Name: Louise Trottier

Age: about 40ish

Gender: female

Date and Place of Birth: unknown

Physical Description: Louise is still very pretty and is rather petite.

Distinguishing Features: peircing blue eyes


Marital Status: Widowed

Known Relatives: Adele(daughter)

Current Residence:Dauphine

Friends: M.& Mme Chauvelin
The Colombes
The LeNeveus
and countless others in Dauphine

Enemies: Liliane/Gresaldie

History: Little is known of her childhood, but it was not a rich one. She and her husband lived in middle class poverty for most of their marraige, but it was a happy one. She worked for Chauvelin since his first marriage and raised Fleur as her own. She considers them her family. And she is also in love w/ Chauvelin, but she keeps herself in check and is not a bitter woman.

Personality: a nice but firm woman

Special Skills: getting her way; cleaning; disolving lies; kissing boo boos

Quirks: she is the stern motherly type, but is by no means not a woman as well. her emotions get the best of her at times, but she is the sensible one