Fleurette Colombe

Name: Fleurette Euphrasie (Chauvelin) Colombe

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Date and Place of Birth: April 14, 1776, a little house in Dauphine

Physical Description: Short, about 5'3". She has curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has a slim build and if she wasn't so damn peppy she'd look quite frail.

Distinguishing Features: She's got a cute little turned up nose.

Occupation: Housewife and mother

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives:
Husband: Amédé Colombe
Children: Isabelle and Antoine
Father: Henri Chauvelin
Mother: Elenore Giroux
Aunt: Iris LeNeveu
Step-mother: Alexandra Chauvelin
Step-brother: Gabriel Julien Chauvelin

Current Residence: The house in Dauphine where she grew up.

Friends: Alexandra, Louise, Some girls about town

Enemies: Liliane/Gresaldie, Adéle


Personality: She's generally a nice girl. She was very perky and bubbly without a serious thought in her head, then she got married and has started thinking a little since then. However, under all that perkiness there's the ability to be really bitter and hateful, which is usually brought on by the fact she is very very possessive. Once she finally learns to accept people, though, she is very nice to them.

Special Skills: Baking pies. It's the only thing she can cook.

Quirks: Queen of mood swings.