Fréderic Desgas

Name: Fréderic Richard Desgas

Age: 25ish

Gender: male

Date and Place of Birth: July 8th, 1770

Physical Description (height, weight, hair, eyes, etc): 6'4'' Obviously, he's very tall, of lean build - very fit. Fair skin and pale ice blue eyes, particularly in contrast to his very dark brown hair. Classically handsome features (one might paint him :D) - could easily look the pretty boy if dressed foppishly. Often seen in soldier uniform, or similar dress to Chauvelin, in that his position is of secretary to...someone I haven't decided yet. Probably the nonexistant Citoyen Courchaine. Keeps himself clean and attractive as he can, despite his middle-to lower income.

Distinguishing Features: His height, a tattoo of an angel on his back (irony)

Occupation: detective for the Directory

Marital Status: uh......ROFLMAO

Known Relatives: None

Current Residence: Paris

Friends: Some of the guys around the committee. No one you wanna hang out with.

Enemies: Chauvelin and Alexandra

History: Desgas's parents were laborers in the country. I think of his family like the Thenardiers, but not very funny lol. They did what they had to to survive, if it meant manipulating people, so be it. They were quite good at that actually, and installed their ideas of "Live, no matter who you step on along the way" to their only son. Mama and Papa Desgas died of illness, pretty close to one another when the boy was 13, and Desgas left for the city to try to support himself there. He took odd jobs around the city, made many friends with the heckling neighborhood boys.He was popular with the women, and took advantage of that. He obtained a job as a carriage driver to an aristocratic family who unfortunately poisoned his mind against the upper class. One of the daughters of the family was the first, and possibly the only woman he came close to really loving, and she turned him aside for a wealthy man. He left the family after that. The very night he did, he decided that getting pissed at the coffeehouse would do him very good, and it was there that a Parisian lawyer (one Henri Chauvelin) found him, and decided to put the boy's passion (albeit liquored up at the time) to use - he secured Desgas a job at the lawfirm. And when Chauvelin secured ~himself position with the Committee of Public Safety, he brought Desgas with him. Recently, in the present time of this RP, just prior to Alexandra Corday's employment with Chauvelin, Desgas left Chauvelin to be secretary to Citoyen Courchaine - believing it would bring him more benefits in the future. His relationship with Chauvelin became a bit strained, then became very foul, then EXTREMELY BAD. Desgas was one of the people who quickly denounced Chauvelin and his wife when the Committee was overthrown. It is not a widely known fact , though Chauvelin has his suspicions. Desgas would flaunt it, but his plans were foiled when the Chauvelins were spared, and so he has to keep up some sort of appearances. But he has glory in that he is same rank as Chauvelin now.

Personality: Despite this very cynical and negative profile of Frédéric Desgas, the boy did have some qualities - Chauvelin would not have hired him, but that he saw patriotism, and the willingness to work hard if need be, and street-smarts. But he didn't see the selfish and manipulative nature that Desgas inherited from his family - and that sours those good qualites at times into cunning and a self-absorbed nature that reveals some of his goodness as a facade. Don't believe his words ladies!!!

Special Skills: very skilled with weapons. Good at hard labor if he ever puts his mind to it now. Riding. Some brief training as a sailor.

Quirks: Tried on a corset once.