Charlotte Corday

Name: Charlotte Rose Corday



Date and Place of Birth: April 23,Right outside of Paris

Physical Description: A small child, she has dirty-blonde hair. Very petite, blue eyes and she's rather pale.

Distinguishing Features:She has blue eyes like her mother, but her hair and facial features are more like the Corday's

Occupation: mischief maker

Marital Status: no

Known Relatives: Vincent and Juliette Corday (parents)
Paul Corday (biological father/she believe's he's her uncle)
Little Paul Corday: brother
Gerard Corday: Grandfather
Alexandra Corday Chauvelin: Aunt
Henri Chauvelin: Uncle by marriage
Gabriel Chauvelin: Cousin

Current Residence: Paris

Friends: Tess; The LeBreque Children and others

Enemies: none (though she might say her brother)

History: relatively happy childhood. Loviing family on all sides

Personality: a bundle of energy, but she's all little princess

Special Skills: Listening at doors; playing checkers; twising the truth to suit her

Quirks: Forever wanting a pony. And she adores Chauvelin. Anyone who makes her happy is her 'best friend' of the moment