Amédé Colombe

Name: Amédé Colombe

Age: 21ish

Gender: Male

Date and Place of Birth: September 17th, 1773

Physical Description: Very handsome boy. Tousled blonde hair, greenish-blue eyes, big toothpaste-ad grin that he frequently imparts. Tanned and fit due to his life as a worker. Clothed very modestly due to this as well, though tries to remain neat and presentable. Has the potential to look quite Adonis-like; but he's such a youngin', the women don't usually think of him that way.

Distinguishing Features: That huge smile, and the dimples in both cheeks.

Occupation: previously grocer, now unemployed

Marital Status: married, to Fleurette Chauvelin

Known Relatives: his parents, Jean-Claude and Muriel Colombe. Some other family scattered about the town.

Current Residence: Dauphine, France

Friends: some of the boys at work, Alexandra Corday, Adele Trottier

Enemies: Liliane/Gresaldie, and in a sense, Adele Trottier ;)

History: Very simple. The Colombe's have been in Dauphine as long as anyone can remember. They've always been farmers and grocers. He has no siblings, as far as I can remember (that might change). He has had just enough schooling to be able to deal with numbers, though he has a bit of trouble reading and writing. He was put to work as quickly as possible though - survival is key in their household. One of his best friends growing up was little Fleurette. They made mud pies together, and Amédé used to throw them at Chauvelin's study window - all in jest of course. He'd regret that later when he MET the man ....

He was also very good friends with Adele Trottier. But the strange young girl made him keep their friendship a secret, particularly when he befriended Fleurette. Theres was a bit of a love-hate relationship, particularly on her part. In a sense, the friendship disipated when he figured out that Adele was in love with him (this shortly before his marriage to Fleur). But he's tried his best to support the unhappy young woman despite that.

Funny how he married Fleur. He met Chauvelin - and the man was strange, but friendly as an intimidating father of the girlfriend can be. It was his own parents who were objectionable to the marriage of the kiddies, so they eloped. Bad idea. THere was a whole lotta trouble because of that - especially when Fleur got pregnant SO quickly. But it was sort of something that everyone had to accept. Which was good considering they had TWINS and they're a BIG happy family now.

Personality: "SUCH A SWEET BOY!!!!" The boy next door. Would deliver newspapers if he wasn't learning the family business. Extremely friendly - but his amiableness covers up a little TEEEENSY bit of angst of not getting to be more than he is. Interesting, no?

Special Skills: Hard worker, a craftsman and handyman

Quirks: Is a BLAST when drunk.