Alexandra Chauvelin

Name: Alexandra Lillian (Corday) Chauvelin

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Date and Place of Birth: June 30, 1770; Paris

Physical Description: height: 5'3 weight: 120 hair: Brown/Auburn eyes:hazel/green

Distinguishing Features: a small heart shaped face, but her eyes are large and luminous. Her lips are full and she is rather petite, but has a nice figure.

Occupation: Occasionally secretary to Chauvelin. Wife.

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives:
Spouse: Henri Chauvelin
Child: Gabriel Julien Chauvelin
Father: Gerard Corday
Mother: Tatiana Corday (D)
Sibs: Vincent
Peter Luc (D)
Other: Iris LeNeveu (sister-in-law)
Juliette (sister in law)
Charlotte (neice)
Paul (nephew)
Fleurette (Step-Daughter)

Current Residence: Rue du Dupay, Paris

Friends: Samuel Chirac; Iris LeNeveu; Louise; A few others at the Directory and around town.

Enemies: Liliane Chauvelin; Marcus LePoer; Frederic Desgas

History: Alexandra lived a simple life with her parents until she was taken advantage of by Marcus LePoer. He left her pregnant and alone, and her child Japheth died a week after his birth. She became secretary to Citizen Chauvelin and less than a year later became his wife.

Personality: A very level headed woman who can be quite passionate if she feels strongly about someone. Usually, though, she is quiet and around someone.

Special Skills: Speaks English and can read and write. She enjoys shakespeare and her family. Quite adept at playing games with children.

Quirks: Has a good inventory of curse words, but rarely uses them. Doesn't drink and hates being ignored.