Which Hornblower Guy is Right For You?

The way to find out which Hornblower character is right for you, simply write down the letter you answered the most and check who you got at the bottom!

1. What qualities do you look for in a man?
a) Friendship
b) Danger
c) Authority
d) Trusting
e) Kindness
f) Pride
g) Dominance
h) Loyalty

2. How important are looks to you?
a) Not really, as long as he has other good traits
b) Who needs looks?
c) Girls love a man in a uniform
d) Good features are all right alone, no need for grooming
e) As long as he's adorable!
f) There's no beauty like fake beauty(marks)
g) Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man
h) They're important.

3. What do you like to do for fun?
a) Play an instrument
b) Something illegal
c) Play cards
d) Read
e) Go to the theatre
f) Go shopping
g) Stay at home and entertain
h) Go out with friends

4. If you had your choice of living accommodations you'd live...
a) With your friends
b) Alone
c) Out in the fresh air
d) On a tropical island
e) With your family
f) In a mansion
g) A nice house
h) An appartment

5. How do you like your man to dress?
a) Casual
b) Just as long as he has clothes on...
c) Men in uniforms are sexy
d) Sloppy
e) Respectably
f) With lots of frills
g) He looks good no matter what he wears
h) Stylish

6. What's your attitude towards authority?
a) Grudgingly obedient
b) Suck up then go behind their backs
c) Obey unless it's wiser not to
d) As long as I have a say in what happens I obey
e) I always obey. Always. I'm too scared not to
f) I'll overthrow the present authority, because I rightfully should be in charge, because I'm ME!
g) I *am* the authority
h) I shall obey without question

7. If you could take one item with you on a desert island what would it be?
a) An instrument to play
b) A gun
c) A hair brush. Gotta keep up the appearance you know.
d) Wine
e) The Complete Volumes of Shakespeare
f) My guillotine
g) Some maps so I could figure out how to get off the damn island!
h) A survival kit

8. What's the first thing you think of in the morning?
a) Ohhhhh my head hurts.
b) Who will I get to torment today?
c) Sigh... Another day, another dollar.
d) Noon is too early to get up.
e) A momentary rest from the nightmares that haunt me...
f) What a horrible night's sleep. I'll go take it out on those around me.
g) Thank God I have my entire day planned out in my day planner, because I certaintly don't remember it now.
h) My hair looks horrible...

9. What's your favorite food?
a) Does booze count as food?
b) Whatever anyone else is eating.
c) A sandwich
d) Anything with a foreign sounding name.
e) Oatmeal
f) Truffles
g) A nice steak, medium rare.
h) Some salad is nice.

10. What's your biggest fault?
a) Getting involved in other people's problems.
b) My violent tendencies
c) Making a bad first impression
d) Making sarcastic remarks
e) Letting people walk all over me
f) I have no faults.
g) Keeping everyone at a distance
h) Believing that my judgement is always correct

Find out who you got!