Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson was a Midshipman who terrorized the other Midshipmen, particularly Archie Kennedy. He left to become an Acting Lieutenant and while he was gone Hornblower came aborde. He returned without his promotion and took an instant dislike to Hornblower, proceeding to make his life Hell, and causing Archie to have fits. During an attack on a boat Archie is knocked unconscious in the jolly boat and Jack cuts him loose, causing the boat to drift away then shoots Horatio, wounding him. Horatio claims that Jack shot him to Captain Pellew and they fight a duel. Jack fires on "two" and wounds Horatio, who doesn't shoot him back, saying that Jack's "Not worth the powder." Jack takes offense and attempts to stab Horatio in the back but is cut down by a bullet from Captain Pellew's musket, who was watching the event from a nearby cliff.