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Teletubby Conspiracy Theory

A friend of mine gave me this awhile ago. I thought it was cool, so I told him I'd put it on my page. Hey Joe, this is for you.

I believe that the Teletubbies are part of a conspiracy by the Government, the Gay Rights activists,and the Communists. In fact, I believe that they are lettle gay make-believe communist freaks. Although I have very little evidence of this, there are some obvious things about them that prove what I am saying. First, Tinky-Winky is a gay name. He has a triangle on his head, which is the Gay Rights Symbol. Secondly, he is purple and that is the Gay Rights color. There is one more Teletubby that I would like to discuss. Poe. She is red and that is the Communist's color. She has a red circle on her head and that is the sign for One World. Too many people, including parents and children, may think that I am bashing the Teletubbies. Well, guess what. I AM! If anyone doesn't like it then they can suck a eat it! They are all gay homosexuals. They play patty-cake and other faggot games. They're all the time hugging each other and grabbing each other's asses. I believe Tinky-Winky has wet dreams about Barney; after all, they have so much in common. As a matter of fact, I now think that Barney is in on the conspiracy too. I mean, he's also purple, he plays patty-cake, and he's always hugging little boys and girls. It's a conspiracy to have all these little kids growing up swabbing the poop deck with all of the other little Communist butt-pirates. I just hope that my children don't have to grow up watching these rump-rangers play their sissy games.


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