Tried And UNtrue Cheats

Wishing Well Cheat-The following cheat DOES NOT work... Go to the wishing well and wish for what you want and give 1 np. Then, when it thanks you, change the end of the URL to some large number like 9999999. This will almost guarantee you the item...WRONG! I have tried this many times and it has never worked. The only way to get things from the Wishing Well is to make a wish when the well is awake (that time switches everyday)

Brain Tree Quests-Do not ask for or listen to answers to the Brain Tree Quests. The name and year are randomized each time. So unless you have no clue whatsoever and can't afford the Esophagor Quest for the correct answer, do not believe the answers that people tell you.

Item Duplication- None of the duplication cheats work! NONE of them!

Nerkmid Glitch-The nerkmid glitch (the one where you put it up for auction then use it so you get the money from the auction AND the nerkmid prizes) does NOT work!!