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Bigger Than Pearl Harbor!

To all who may stumble across this page, this rant, this outraged cry... I wanted to add a small and humble mention.. I made this connection and this page long before the events of September 11, 2001 changed our lives.

I do feel the same magnitude, toward my personal, passionate idea, as many Americans feel about the attack.. I mean here no offense but simply my never ending ache to educate human kind... thus, I have chosen not to change my title but to simply speak my heart. And respect the hearts of those grieving. ~ Kiapa

Pearl Harbor may be fresh in your minds. However this is bigger and the war is ON! this is what those fine fish eaters think of our wildlife legacy. And they are working to destroy it NOW!

(taken from an environmental magazine that is working to stop these idiots from killing all they see)

‘COCKROACHES' OF SEA: That's how Japanese official describes whales The Japanese government is standing by its fisheries chief's description of minke whales as "cockroaches" of the sea. Fisheries Agency counselor Masayuki Komatsu made the comment in an interview with Australian Broadcasting Corp. as he denounced efforts to curb Japan's whaling industry. For the second year in a row, meanwhile, the International Whaling Commission rejected pleas to create new whale sanctuaries. The proposals for a South Pacific and a South Atlantic sanctuary failed again by a wide margin. Japan came under fire again for "vote buying" – essentially bribing impoverished Caribbean nations with aid money so they will vote against protections for our vanishing whales. Japan slaughters hundreds of whales every year in defiance of international law. Japanese whalers claim they kill whales for "scientific research," but the whale meat ends up on dinner plates in Tokyo's finest restaurants.

If you have thoughts , comments or questions regarding this article or other environmental issues please feel free to send me mail!

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