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Kiapa Ragewater

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I am going to seperate environmental issues and rants from personal stuff very soon! stay tuned!

Hi all. I am Kiapa a Misanthropic chic. I have here an explanation of Misanthropy so that you may enjoy it to the full spectrum of it's value. According to merriam- webster what we have here is a : noun. Meaning: a hatred or distrust of mankind.

I am a rather misanthropic chic due to the things that mankind does to the thing I truly love the most, nature. Humans are so terribly destructive and so audacious to believe their health, well being and comfort come before the lives of the plants and animals that have made this their home before we came to conquer and destroy.

"Mother of us all... Some claim to have crowned her a queen - With cities of concrete and steel. But there is no glory, no honor in what results from the rape of the world. If you look you'll see it with your own eyes. If you listen you will hear her cries. If you care you will stand and testify, and stop the rape of the world. Mother of us all. Place of our birth. We all are witness to the rape of the world..." - Tracy Chapman, excerpt from "The Rape of the World"

Thank you for visiting my page I am learning and working so be patient !

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