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Jennifer Kathleen - The Musician


     Since picking up the guitar less than two years ago, JK has yet to put it down. After seeing her father's guitars sitting downstairs collecting dust, JK decided that it was time to play. Self-taught, she now enjoys playing for friends, and learning new songs. She discovered her singing talent shorty after she began to play, and hasn't looked back since.

Verse 1 - Songwriter:

     Once she mastered some basic chords, JK quickly began to create her own music learning new things on the way. Writing has also been one of her strong points, so writing music was no stretch at all. Last summer JK was happy enough with some of her own music that she produced her first CD - Bad People, the album features 9 original songs, and three covers. Since that time, her music has evolved and she has continued to write original songs. To view lyrics to JK's latest songs click here.

Verse 2 - Performer

      JK's live performances started in the late summer when she started playing with and along side Elaina Martin. Once she got her first taste for the stage, JK wanted more. As a result, she kept working with Elaina and has since gained confidence and stage pressence. Although she plays mostly covers, (Ani Difranco, Alanis Morrisette, Melissa Ferrick and Dido to name a few), she has also shown off her songwriting talent on a few occasions. With any luck, JK will continue to work with Elaina (who ROCKS by the way) and begin to make a bit of a name for herself.

Verse 3 - Rock City Women's Fest

      JK's involvement with Elaina on a musical level has transfered to the opportunity of participating on the organizing commitee for the Rock City Womens Fest. Rock City is central Ontario's answer to Lilith Fair and other women's music festivals. On November 26th JK took to the stage at the first Rock City fundraiser held at Club Polo (click me to view pictures taken at the event). The event featured local artits, comedians, as well as a performace by Elaina and the Chainettes and Elaina and the chain. JK took to the stage again on January 21st for another Rock City Fundraiser (click me to view more pictures from the event).

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