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Jennifer Kathleen - The Athlete

First Half:

      JK's sports career started at an early when she began playing soccer at age 6. She recieved a lot of praise as a deadly goal scorer throughout her recreational and representative days. At age 13 she started playing for the Oakville Youth Soccer Association winning many a tournament. Shortly there after JK's position was changed from that of a striker to a goalkeeper, a great change it was. JK showed that she was just as impressive saving goals as she was scoring them, and ended up playing for Team Ontario. Throughout high school JK led the Q.E.P. Eagles to 3 regional titles in 4 years solidifying her as a strong goalkeeper.

Second Half:

      Once her days playing at Q.E.P. were finished, JK moved on to a bigger stage at the Univeristy of Ottawa. She took over the starting job during her second year and has since helped the team to capture 2 Ontario titles in a row. Last Feburary JK had the opportunity to train with the best players in the country when she recieved an invite with the Canadian Women's National Team. Although she didn't make the short list, JK is hopeful that one day she will wear the red and white and represent Canada in international games. This past season, the Gee Gees won the Ontario championships and went off to the CIAU Finals where they captured a silver medal.

2000 Univerity of Ottawa Women's Soccer Team - CIAU Silver Medalists

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