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This page is about my garage. That is my van, it is a 1962 bus. My bus, I assume, started its life in West Germany. Who bought it? Who used it? Who abused it so? I just don't know. Alas, its been a hard life for my little bus. When I found it, it had been sitting in some lazy-eyed pshycos garage for who knows how long. Well I know it doesn't look too bad in this picture, but lets just say it was was...err...beat. Man was it hurtin', at some point a real bad "cal look" was apllied to it (it was lowered, and had little mirror wings brazed on to the doors.) at least they didn't cut the wheel wells. It gets even better, at probably the same time somebody decided to put a sunroof in it (you can almost see it in the small picture) its sweet... it looks like its from a squareback but i've herd it said that it is from a mercedes. Yep, nothing like a few quarts of bondo to fix your fucked up sunroof job, I mean, christ they could have at least sanded it down. The cherry on top is, by far, the smooth move of actually cutting out the divider that goes between the front seat and the rear area, also it looks like they were systematically covering the windows with steel plate so it looked like a panal van. I don't know maybe they were trying to make it into some kind of love matchine. Well aside for the aformentioned physical disabilities it still short a dozen or so window seals, a interior, a front seat thats the right kind, and reliable engine. Ugh. So my little bus is patiently waiting for its make-over, dreaming of the day it will once more roll proudly down the street. *If your were at all moved by this sad tale please feel free to send donations of cash or parts via the e-mail below

I have found what my van should look like and I must say, I've got a lot of work to do! I found these pics of this guy in Wisconson, I belive, who has a 62' standard all original and its sweet. Its turqouis and white and amazingly straigt for an original wisconson car. Check out that interior

Stay tuned i'm workin' on more fun stuff!

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