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Welcome to Jaime's Frog Page!

When I was just fifteen years old I learned of a wonderful amazing hobby. Collecting frogs. It all happened one day that my older brother Jeremy took me out with our German exchange student Stefanie and his friends. We were all hanging out when my brothers friend Jason (who I had a crush on) said to Stefanie "I know how to say something in German" He had said Ist das ein frosch? (the spelling is very wrong...) which means is that a frog. Ever since that day I've loved frogs! I don't care what they look like or how slimy they are. I will always love frogs. I haven't counted my frog collection recently, but between the stuffed animals, tattoos, and pictures, not to mention the nick knacks I've got around six or seven hundred frog things! So if you happen upon a really cool frog picture or gif please send it to 

So sit back and relax and enjoy the page!