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music I ENJOY:


Limp Bizkit - sorry, but i love fred durst
Chemical Brothers - awesome

Of A Revolution - croud surfing is the shit.. and that was a crazy game of poker...

Epitoam - or any band that danny's in

Lil Kim - she's a crazy bitch, she's GREAT

Christina Algulara - no voice like hers

Eve - she can rap

Live - mmmm, went to that concert...AWSOME

Rage Against the Machine - F*** you, i won't do what ya tell me!

Bush - 16teen stone is still the best cd ever

A Perfect Circle - never listened to tool before, but this is awesome

Alicia Keys - she's cool

Destinys Child - attitudes i love

Project Pat - wa wa CHICKENHEAD!

Nelly - you know he'll never die

St. Lunitics - it's a midwest swing..yallll


311 - classics

Papa Roach - troubled

Korn - cool always

Blink 182 - these guys are like prep music, but they are cool.

Sheyrl Crow - she's a good singer

Led Zepplin - stairway to heaven

Outkast - just dance!

Jagged Edge - where da party at?

Staind - it's been awhile... since i heard a good band like this..

Train - you best friend always stickin up for you...even when i know your wrong!

Linkin Park - ima bout to break!

Missy Elliot - no 1 minute man

Usher - you remind me...

Dave Matthew Band - the space between..yeah i'm having a big "space between" problem right now.

Sugar Ray - i just wanna "fly" right to the lead singer of this band..MMMM


Weezer - buddy holly is still #1, or the sweater song

Kracker -(not uncle kracker, yuck)hey hey hey...

Shaggy -it wasn't me!

City High - what would you do?

Jay-Z -if i was an 8 figure nigga by the name of jigga..

Ja Rule - Car music

Tim McGraw - HOT AND EVERY SONG IS AWESOME and meaningful

2pac - he's dead.

Kenny Chesney - that's why i'm here

Fuel - in my hands

Creed - shoulda been dead on a sunday morning.

Disturbed - are you stupified?

Pearl Jam - where oh where could my baby be (my first guitar song)

Ludicrus - i wanna...

Snoop - LAY LOW

Dre - bad ass

Dixie Chicks - cowboy take me away!!!

Bloodhoung Gang - ask the ppl at the fair about this one..hehe