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The Ordains of silver Chalice

Published with Permission

By my chalice and my blade I speak the truth as I tell the laws of those who would drink of The Silver Chalice. Stand ye now and hear the true or depart in all speed from this solemn rite.

We are the Wicca who drink from the Silver Chalice. We honor the Gods for the Gods are good, we love the Gods for they are our parents. Love is not love that is not given first, and so we reflect their love with our own. And so we love All mankind, for he who knows the love of other knows the love of the Gods.

To show our love we erect on Earth temples of spirit or stone, and within them we seek unity with the love of our gods. So shall ye be properly prepared and purified, to enter into their presence. With love and worship in our hearts shall we be at one in their power, drink of it, and add to it, as has been done since the times before when They were alone in the world, and their love for us not yet known.

As mankind is ruled by elders and those of knowledge, so shall those who drink of the Silver Chalice. Ours is a theology of the demos, ruled by the demos, serving it and the Gods. And so shall we be a democracy. Let the people elect from their number a priest and priestess of sufficient skill to serve as the leaders. After one year shall they be called before the assembly of those who drink from the Silver Chalice, and they shall be kept or new fellows elected. Should ten years pass in which a priestess or priest is elected constantly; let that one step down, that the experience be held by many, not few. Let that elder be henceforth known as "Honored Elder," and lend their vote the strength of three and the power of veto. For we of the Silver Chalice honor not Kings and Queens, but those elected for their skill.

You have been told, children of the Chalice, to practice in secret, to hide and flee from the magistrates and monsters that would do ill toward your faith. The gods say to thee flee no more. Become the magistrates, the police and armies, serve your people, your brother humans in the honor their deserve, and practice your rites as the gods move you. Do not shout your faith from the rooftops but be not afraid in it. But watch you; proclaim your faith but not that of others. Let those who would be secret be secret and those who would drink from the Silver chalice in the full of the sun be so identified. Do not be afraid to drink from the chalice, but be better dead than break your word.

Take not of money or treasure for your teachings, let those who would alter your teachings with ill will be cut from your students like a cancer. Let those who would create a new chalice to drink from do so freely. Love is not love which forces membership. Faith is not faith that has coinly cost or numbers bloated by those who practice in name only.

Know the types of people that covens be made of, watch what people you let drink in yours, know the rulers, the helpers, the right hands and lefts, those who would help and false friends in strife. Better your coven should part than breed ill will. Better to cancel a celebration than act against what the gods say. Better to drink of the Chalice in solitude than with those who mean you or the art harm.

We have learned the power of the mind. Our thoughts and deeds affect those we direct them at. You need not magick. The Gods will provide rain without rain dances, fertility without fertility rites, justice without your hand within it. Your art is to be one with the Love of the Gods, to grow into an accurate reflection of their love. So do no rites not based in love and improvement.

As you are of the gods, so reflect their love by acting first in forgiveness and secondly in truth. Do not be trodden upon willingly but weigh your vengeance with trust. Harm not your fellow man, for he is your brother, but if you be in need of defense, or see one in need of defense, act always in that which does the greatest good. Silence, inaction, these may be harms done as purely as vice and attack. Know the greater good and work for it and nothing else.

Swear ye by the blade and chalice, the man and woman, the Lord and Lady, to abide ever their laws and their light, to act in a reflection of their love. Swear ye to be a force for the Light in this world and all other oaths are but shadows. For this is the ordain of the gods, and the ordain of those who would act within their love.
Permission is granted for republication of this document to Silver Chalice/UEW members only.

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