1) Ok children. The time has come for me to get off on my ranting. If i want this page to grow then i am going to require your help. I don't wnat money. I want you to go off into the world (wide web) and get lyrics for me. once you have found the lyrics you must get them to me. you can email me or you can instant message me on AOL Instant messanger. my screen name is SteveVaughan05 or Failure585920474. i am also wokring on this too.

2) Now for the second little piece of literature. I am thoroughly angered at all of you imbisiles who are so deeply moved by this great injustice. Personally, i am a little annoyed. but that goe without saying. They did this out of hatred. They also saw this as retaliation. They think all the terrorism in their country(ies) is our doing. and the fear that we have experienced since 09-11-01 is just the way the people in all those tird and second world countries in the middle east feel every day. incase you did catch that. THIS FEAR WE HAVE IS HOW THEY FEEL EVERYDAY. I really can't understand why so many people are ignorant to this fact. that is why i am upset.