Mental Static

When I console people
why does it feel so hollow?
I try to be nice
It's the hate that follows

A petty man hates
hates those for what they have
why you have nothing
you hate all

Why do I have nothing
do I really think differently?
Is it better to think different
Or do I ask too much?

I want to be nice
But I can't hide hate from myself
everyone is so much better off
or so it seems

I want my badge of courage
Childhood abuse
Car accident
broken leg from sports
I have nothing

why do I feel hollow
when I have no major accident in my life?
It's full of small accidents
am i nothing if i have no friends?

I was thinking,
If i got seriously hurt today
and went to the hospital
there would be 6 people who might visit

The mandatory blood relative visit,
no one else
this hurts so much
how is it easy for others to get close?

It's my greatest pain
that no one cares
that no one likes me

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