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John Lewis Hudson 1874-1943

This article is dedicated to the memory of John Lewis Hudson (nickname Jack), the younger brother of Robert Charles Hudson. Born February 2, 1874 to Charles Hudson and Margaret McWilliams in Renfrew Co., Ontario, Canada, he was without father or mother by his fourth birthday. In the 1881 census, while his brother Charles was living with the Mills family, John was living with his cousins in the home of Ann McWilliams (the widow of Mark McWilliams).

Sometime near the turn of the century John migrated to the Vancouver, British Columbia area--1898, according to his obituary. He married Clara Elizabeth (Elsie) Perdue December 24, 1907 at the residence of Rev. John M. MacLeod, Presbyterian minister.

Marriage Registration

British Columbia, Division of Vital Statistics,
Marriage Registration no. 1907-09-053-191
(FHL microfilm no. 1983530)



Place of birth:
Name of father:
Name of mother:

John Lewis Hudson
Westminster, B.C.

Renfrew, Ontario
Charles Hudson
Margaret McWilliams

Clara Perdue
Winnepeg, Manitoba

Clinton, Ontario
Henry Perdue
Charlotte Young


Names of witnesses:
Residence of same:
Date of marriage:
By whom married:
Place of marriage:
Janet Hendry
Vancouver, B.C.
24 December 1907
Rev. J.M. MacLeod
227 Dunlevy Avenue
L.I. MacLeod
Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver B.C.




From 1908 until 1923 John and Clara Hudson made their home at 1359 W. 8th Avenue in Vancouver. During this period four children were born to them:

1) Charlotte Maude, born in 1909. She worked as a stenographer for McConnell & Ferguson (later McConnell Eastman), an advertising agency, from 1928 until 1947, when she married William Bernard Walker Woodward. Bernard came from Vegreville, Alberta to Vancouver two years earlier and rented a room at the Hudson residence where Maude lived with her mother and sister. After their marriage they remained in Vancouver until 1964 or 1965, then moved to Ganges, Salt Spring Island, B.C. Bernard pursued a writing career until his death in 1971. They had no children. Maude died about 1982. Both were buried at Ganges.

2) Gertrude Marguerite, born August 8, 1910 at Ganges. She attended the University of British Columbia (1927) and the Provincial Normal School (1928-1929), both in Vancouver. She then began a teaching career, which included several years in the Vancouver City schools (at least 1947-1954). Gertrude married Walter Frederick Gooding (a widower) December 23, 1954. They later resided at Osoyoos, B.C. They had no children, but Walter had five children by his previous marriage. He died in 1967. In a letter from one of her step-grandchildren, Ferne Gooding wrote these words about Gertrude: "She was my step-grandmother but the only one I knew. She was a great person--had many interesting stories to tell. She married my grandfather Walter Gooding and became part of the family. Grandfather had five children; my father William Gooding was the youngest. He thought highly of grandmother." Gertrude died May 12, 1992 at Penticton, B.C.

3) Charles Lewis, born Dec 25, 1911 at Vancouver. He began work as a machinist with Garnham Engineering Works (1934-1936), was on "active service" during the war (1943), and later became a marine engineer with the Canadian government (1950) and Black Ball ferries (1956-1963?). He married Edwina Ruth Matheson August 27, 1941 at St. Francis-in-the-Wood Anglican Church in Caulfeild (West Vancouver). They had one child (unnamed) who died at birth, December 18, 1942 at Vancouver. Charles died May 31, 1969 at Vancouver, and was buried at Mountain View Cemetery. The date and place of death for Edwina is not known.

4) Clarie Jean, born February 7, 1918 at Vancouver, died June 7, 1918 at Vancouver, and was buried at Mountain View Cemetery.

Over his life span John Lewis Hudson worked at various jobs in the lumber industry: mill worker (1906-1907), logger (1907-1909, 1923-1924), timber cruiser (1912-1918), and log broker (1932-1941). He also worked for Pacific Coyle Navigation, a tugboat company (1925-1931); he was Assistant Manager by the time he left the company. He then started his own business, Hudson, Bryant & Mackay, as a log broker.

Outside of his work, John was involved in various Masonic activities and was a dedicated member of the Liberal Party.

In 1929 John and Clara (and family) moved to 3330 W. 23rd Avenue, their residence when John died January 14, 1943 and when Clara died March 12, 1954. Both were buried at Mountain View Cemetery.

Death Registration

British Columbia, Division of Vital Statistics,
Death Registration no. 1943-09-617-441
(FHL microfilm no. 1953638)

Place of death:
Length of stay:
Name of deceased:
Last worked at same:
Total years in same:

Date of burial:
Place of burial:
St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver
40 years in city and province
John Lewis Hudson
3330 W. 23rd, Vancouver
Broker, lumber industry
20 months ago
About 55 years

18 January 1943
Mt. View Cem., Vancouver
  Place of birth:
Date of birth:
Age at death:
Name of father:
Name of mother:
Birthplace of father:
Birthplace of mother:

Date of death:
Cause of death:
1 February 1876*
66 y 11 m 13 d
Charles Hudson
Not known
Not known

14 January 1943
Prostate cancer
Informant: Charles L. Hudson
3330 W. 23rd, Vancouver


*This date is not correct: the Ontario birth index lists John Hudson, born February 2, 1874, Admaston Township, Renfrew County (Registration no. 022192). Likewise, the ages given here and in the marriage registration are understated by 2 years.


Timber cruisers "walk over forested areas to find out how much and what type of timber is there, and what the terrain is like; they make notes and use compasses, measuring tapes abd surveying equipment, and prepare maps and reports showing their findings; they often stay in logging camps." (Employment Database for Greater Vancouver, SunRaye Enterprises, 1996)

Marine engineers "operate, install and repair the main ship engines, supervise and coordinate the activities of the engine room crew and inspect the engines and other mechanical and electrical equipment." (Ibid.)

The Black Ball Ferry Company operated out of Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) in the 1950s with service to Gibsons, Nanaimo, and Bowen Island. Most of their operations were taken over by B.C. Ferries about 1961, but they continue to serve the Port Angeles, WA to Victoria route.


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