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Concering Rabbits

This poor moron was just asking to be exposed. In her info, she referred twice in the same sentence to the fact that she was bi. She also referred to pictures of herself and her lover(male) doing the nasty "like rabbits". Hence the title, and the following conversation.

JOSH (11:45:22 PM): Hi, I messaging you to inquire about the rabbits in your info, 

are these cotton tail rabbits?
JOSH (11:45:34 PM): I'm looking for some good rabbit
JOSH (11:45:39 PM): im chinese
DOLT (11:45:43 PM): No actual rabbits sorry
JOSH (11:46:12 PM): can i see the rabbits, before i buy them?, or is that not possible?
DOLT (11:46:34 PM): Wel i would love to show you but you are very wierd
DOLT (11:46:39 PM): So i will pass
JOSH (11:46:48 PM): are these blind rabbits?
DOLT (11:47:26 PM): You know what........? You either need to be normal or go away
JOSH (11:47:43 PM): how normal do you want me, i can be normal
DOLT (11:47:55 PM): ASL?
JOSH (11:48:10 PM): 35/f/pa
DOLT (11:48:22 PM): Yeah right
DOLT (11:48:32 PM): Normal and honest maybe i should say
JOSH (11:48:55 PM): oh ok im really 37:-[
DOLT (11:49:04 PM): Bye
JOSH (11:49:17 PM): i want rabbits 
JOSH (11:50:18 PM): can i see the bunnie before i pet it?
DOLT (11:50:29 PM): Time to block you
DOLT (11:50:32 PM): Bye
JOSH (11:50:38 PM): dont hurt them bunnies!!
JOSH (11:50:47 PM): jesus i love rabbits!!

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