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Tales of a Scary Hacker

This poor chap was foolish enough to inform everyone, via his info, that he was a studly man who enjoyed having sex/cybering with anonymous women. Boy did he learn his lesson. Read and see...

RYAN (12:29:02 AM): I am an anonymous woman
RYAN (12:29:03 AM): sex me
JACKASS (12:29:13 AM): go away
JACKASS (12:29:23 AM): you worthless fuck
JACKASS (12:29:33 AM): for i publisize your i.p address in the hack channel
RYAN (12:29:54 AM): sexy :-*
JACKASS (12:30:11 AM): ohkay kiss your comp goodbye
JACKASS (12:30:19 AM): i am gonna let hackit 3.1 do the rest
JACKASS (12:30:21 AM): peace
JACKASS wants to directly connect (12:30:24 AM).
RYAN declines request; no connection was made.

[Aside] To this moment, my computer has experienced no attempts at being hacked, and the only odd behaviour is the same kind I see on a daily basis. Don't you just love script kiddies...

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