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Gansta' Lovin'

This guy really takes the cake. First of all, he is a self-professed member of the infamous Crypts. This must be one of their lesser known branches, however; the branch that accepts 7th graders and spends all their time molesting themselves online. Secondly, every time we've talked to him, his age has changed. He has been 13, 15, and 21. His info is really amazing too. I'll attempt to post it here following the rest of this description, but the full effect may be lost. Anyway....the conversations speak for themselves, so read along!

/`  `.__          
\_ _.,  `'-._ _.--
_ _  ) |     /  _ \ 
/   `/ /'---./  / \ \--.___
\__./ /--..    /``-\ '-.___`\
   '-'     `--`     `--`   \/   

JOSH (7:47:36 PM): Hey
Mo'fo (7:47:43 PM): who tis
JOSH (7:47:51 PM): just an random girl
Mo'fo (7:47:55 PM): ok
JOSH (7:48:03 PM): asl?
Mo'fo (7:48:16 PM): 145/m u
Mo'fo (7:48:26 PM): 15/m
JOSH (7:48:55 PM): im 15.f.nyc
JOSH (7:49:36 PM): so how are you doin';-)
Mo'fo (7:49:42 PM): good u
JOSH (7:49:47 PM): Im feeling hot
Mo'fo (7:50:06 PM): thats cool me 2
JOSH (7:50:18 PM): :-)that makes me happy!!
Mo'fo (7:50:40 PM): cool
JOSH (7:50:46 PM): are you a playa, you sound like a playa!
Mo'fo (7:51:03 PM): yea
JOSH (7:51:35 PM): so i bet you get a lot of ladies
Mo'fo (7:51:37 PM): sumtimes
JOSH (7:51:50 PM): how would you pick me up?
Mo'fo (7:52:05 PM): wat ya mean
JOSH (7:52:17 PM): if you saw me, how would you get me?
JOSH (7:52:27 PM): you know push my buttons!:-)
Mo'fo (7:53:03 PM): i would say hey hottie and stuff like that and see wat u were 

doing and make u have a good time
JOSH (7:53:32 PM): would you make me your bitch, because i like that in a guy
Mo'fo (7:53:40 PM): yea 
Mo'fo (7:53:46 PM): y not
JOSH (7:54:07 PM): so whats your name?
Mo'fo (7:54:16 PM): joe
JOSH (7:54:34 PM): wow sounds like a powerful name;-);-)
JOSH (7:54:46 PM): does it live up to the standards?
Mo'fo (7:55:09 PM): yea it does
JOSH (7:55:20 PM): in what ways;-)
Mo'fo (7:55:39 PM): big ways
JOSH (7:56:16 PM): tell me what you would do if i was there with you
Mo'fo (7:56:25 PM): wat ya name
JOSH (7:56:39 PM): Heather
Mo'fo (7:57:03 PM): oh cool
JOSH (7:57:15 PM): whats that thing in your info stand for?
JOSH (7:57:30 PM): the letters smb4lyfe?
Mo'fo (7:57:42 PM): it my brother that died
Mo'fo (7:58:09 PM): it was his code name he was in the crypts
JOSH (7:58:17 PM): whats the crypts?
Mo'fo (7:58:44 PM): yea that was his code name smb4lyfe
JOSH (7:59:01 PM): what are the crypts?
JOSH (7:59:06 PM): a book club?
Mo'fo (7:59:14 PM): no a gang
JOSH (7:59:32 PM): oh are you a gangster?
Mo'fo (7:59:39 PM): yea
JOSH (7:59:58 PM): ever kill anybody?
JOSH (8:00:12 PM): men with BIG guns turn me on
Mo'fo (8:00:43 PM): i didnt shoot noone
Mo'fo (8:00:57 PM): i beat some one ass wit a meatal bat mad bad
JOSH (8:01:13 PM): mad bad, thats intense
Mo'fo (8:01:29 PM): wat ya mean
JOSH (8:01:39 PM): you taught him a lesson!:-)
JOSH (8:01:48 PM): would you ever hit me with a metal bat?
Mo'fo (8:02:02 PM): yea nah 
Mo'fo (8:02:05 PM): nah i wouldny
JOSH (8:02:19 PM): what about a whip?;-)
Mo'fo (8:02:31 PM): yea
JOSH (8:03:00 PM): have you ever cybered?
Mo'fo (8:03:05 PM): yea
Mo'fo (8:03:14 PM): u have a pic
JOSH (8:03:38 PM): if you turn me on i will send it!!
Mo'fo (8:03:53 PM): ight 
Mo'fo (8:04:14 PM): wat turns u on
JOSH (8:04:38 PM): you;-)
Mo'fo (8:05:15 PM): how do u know me
JOSH (8:05:37 PM): I dont, but from what you said im interested!
Mo'fo (8:05:48 PM): ohh coo
JOSH (8:05:59 PM): so lets go at it
Mo'fo (8:06:26 PM): alright let  me get ya pic first
JOSH (8:06:44 PM): alright!:-)
JOSH (8:06:55 PM): I'm infront of my computer:-D
Mo'fo (8:06:57 PM): ight
JOSH wants to directly connect (8:07:44 PM). 
Mo'fo (8:07:45 PM): yea me 2 rtlking 2 u
Mo'fo cancels request; no connection was made (8:07:59 PM). 
Mo'fo wants to directly connect (8:08:00 PM). 
Mo'fo is now directly connected (8:08:02 PM). 
Mo'fo (8:08:07 PM): ight
JOSH (8:08:16 PM): I hope this makes you hot!!
Mo'fo (8:08:26 PM): i think it will
JOSH (8:08:34 PM): 
JOSH (8:08:36 PM): thats me baby
Mo'fo (8:08:48 PM): eww
Mo'fo (8:08:56 PM):  u said u were 15/f
JOSH (8:08:58 PM): ok lets cyber!!:-)
JOSH (8:09:07 PM): i lied i still want it!
Mo'fo (8:09:16 PM): thats nasty 
Mo'fo (8:09:19 PM): p3@$3
JOSH (8:09:20 PM): you can be my big gangster:-D
Mo'fo direct connection is closed (8:09:31 PM). 
Mo'fo signed off at 8:09:32 PM.

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