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Ah, the induction ceremonies of a new member. This is our first post from "BRUCE". He *might* be a more regular contributor, following his major induction assignement. For now, enjoy his first of what will hopefully be many severe telling to's.

BRUCE (9:41:08 PM): hello
SCHMUCK (9:41:28 PM): whats up
BRUCE (9:41:53 PM): my penis ;-)
SCHMUCK (9:42:12 PM): ok
BRUCE (9:42:21 PM): i wish i had a webcam
BRUCE (9:43:44 PM): i gotta crush on you baby cakes
SCHMUCK (9:43:56 PM): who are you again?
BRUCE (9:44:07 PM): your sugar plum
BRUCE (9:44:09 PM): :-)
SCHMUCK (9:44:28 PM): sorry buddy but I dont have a sugar plum
BRUCE (9:44:51 PM): i used to be anyways
BRUCE (9:44:56 PM): im one of your ex's
BRUCE (9:45:02 PM): you have to guess which one ;-)
SCHMUCK (9:45:39 PM): one of my exs.   Thats interesting
BRUCE (9:45:44 PM): yes
BRUCE (9:45:55 PM): well i used to think we had something special
SCHMUCK (9:46:23 PM): ok ill play along.  When did we date?
BRUCE (9:46:34 PM): august of 99\
SCHMUCK (9:47:33 PM): but i didnt date anyone in August of 99.   Whats your name
BRUCE (9:47:52 PM): well it wasnt really dating
BRUCE (9:48:00 PM): it was just "together"
BRUCE (9:48:05 PM): you know , the playful sex
SCHMUCK (9:48:09 PM): ohhh
BRUCE (9:48:56 PM): yeah
BRUCE (9:49:00 PM): i changed my name
BRUCE (9:49:06 PM): its now Carley ;-)
SCHMUCK (9:49:26 PM): what was it then?
BRUCE (9:49:33 PM): i cant tell
BRUCE (9:49:40 PM): i am sworn to secrecy
SCHMUCK (9:49:49 PM): sworn by who?
BRUCE (9:50:31 PM): my lawyer
BRUCE (9:50:40 PM): :-\i dont want to break that bond we have
SCHMUCK (9:51:13 PM): yeah ive heard that lawyer client bond is stronger than oak
BRUCE (9:51:30 PM): it is strong
BRUCE (9:51:37 PM): strong like glue
SCHMUCK (9:52:31 PM): so what have you been up to lately?
BRUCE (9:52:36 PM): nothing much
BRUCE (9:52:43 PM): just wondering what you have been up to
SCHMUCK (9:53:05 PM): nothing much at all. Just the whole college thing
BRUCE (9:53:14 PM): cool
SCHMUCK (9:53:59 PM): yeah im enjoying it
BRUCE (9:54:04 PM): i miss you baby
SCHMUCK (9:55:16 PM): see any good movies lately?
BRUCE (9:55:34 PM): the ones we used to make babe ;-)O:-)
SCHMUCK (9:55:45 PM): lol
SCHMUCK (9:56:28 PM): im guessing you mean pornos
BRUCE (9:56:38 PM): good answer
BRUCE (9:56:43 PM): dont you remember those days
BRUCE (9:56:45 PM): i sure do
SCHMUCK (9:57:04 PM): do you remember my name?
SCHMUCK (9:58:03 PM): is that a no?
BRUCE (9:58:08 PM): yes :-\
BRUCE (9:58:16 PM): its to painful to mention
SCHMUCK (9:58:44 PM): im hurt you say you miss me and you loved what we shared yet 

you dont remember my name
BRUCE (9:58:49 PM): bah fuck you
SCHMUCK (9:59:05 PM): lol
BRUCE (9:59:25 PM): no seriously
BRUCE (9:59:28 PM): i try and i try
BRUCE (10:01:38 PM): >:ough .... men
SCHMUCK (10:02:14 PM): where you live now?
BRUCE (10:02:21 PM): dont talk to me bitch

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