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     9/6: It's time to celebrate! I'm going to begin updates again every so often. With the electronic publishing class, I get time every day to work on it. Today in class we had to write poetry, and what I wrote actually came out really great. I think I may put up a visitor and my poetry pages. Just some ideas. More to come.

     5/20: AHH I'm getting lazy, I'm sorry! To compensate, I have up a live web cam. It may come down, it depends on if you guys like it or not. I knew molly would appreciate many many more pictures of me sitting in the exact same place. Now there is a new one every 30 seconds! Heh, sorry, but I think this all is all for today. ENJOY!

     5/8: Well, I guess that password thing has worked well. Kind of, it's taken the hits on my message board down by about 50 hits a day. Oh well. I put up a recommended music section! Just some songs I have been listening to lately. I suggest if you have some extra time to check it out! That's all for now, sorry for the long time without an update. It seems most of you come here for my message board only anyways. I'll keep updating anyways.

     5/3: I am my own insane rage. I am so sick of my board being a controversial subject. I am sick of people telling me this that that i am liable for this, I can get sued for that, etc. I am just SICK of all of this crap! Well, now, the board still exists. But I have set up security so only who I allow to access are allowed in. You may apply to have access to my message board, but I can not guarantee you will be approved. We can now continued our debates in peace, in our own style. What came out of the adults and the authority? Nothing... but pain.=)

     5/1: Ouch, I just burnt my hand in the oven! Oh well, that's totally unrelated. Today I got my guestbook archived, so now people can post in it again. I hit 50 signatures! That was the max. My message board is exploding with lots of new people. It's getting intense too. I hope I don't get in trouble for this. Oh well, It is a very good way to debate and converse with friends. Oh, I also passed 1000 hits today! And I also had over 22 today being hit from the school today. Whoa, cool. I also just got up a new photo in my gallery. Jenny took it at prom. It's crazy, but I still like it! Thanks Jen:)

     4/29: I have a store up! You can now buy dustwel shirts! Just click on the "Buy dustwel stuff" link! Kind of cool, i thought. Another thing, for those of you who don't check my message board, somebody called the police on my message board! There was a supposed "death threat" or something like that. It is now taken off, but it is still being pursued? The high school principal, the police, and my parents all got a phone call. I don't really know what's going to happen, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Thank you all that support my site!

     4/25: So far, I have updated Molly's picture in the photo gallery, at her request. Isn't she incredibly short and fat? Anyways I am still having trouble thinking of more things to put up. Maybe a new poll, but anyone have any ideas? Oh well, look for more updates later.

     4/24: Yeah! I had a pretty cool day! I don't know why, I just did. If my message board decides it wants to stop giving me the "check back in 15 minutes" message, I am going to add a hit counter on it. Sorry about that, but there is nothing I can do really. Whoever wrote that "I like guys" poem, that was really weird. Ok, I have the counter on the message board, and a new quote of the week up. That will probably be all for tonight.

     4/22: Sorry about lack of updates over the weekend, it's prom weekend! I only had about 3 hours of sleep last night, but I had so much fun! Updates should be regular again this week. Also, i discovered how to do something cool on the message board, if you check it out. I took some prom pictures, maybe if i can get permission I'll put them up. Oh, and happy birthday to that one person who's birthday was yesterday. :)

     Major update 4/18: I just got up a TON of new photos in my visitor photo gallery. It nearly doubled in size (and loading time). Beware if your computer is old, but i recommend checking it out, it's got lots of new content on it. I just got 600 hits this afternoon at around 5 PM, awesome! My guestbook is also almost full, because it only holds 50 signatures. I'll have to figure out what to do about that.

     Update 4/17: Well, so far I have one new thing up, my first official page background, which you can see here. I should be able to put up a huge update on my visitor photo gallery tonight, I took 28 pictures today. I'm sorry, they won't be up until tomorrow however. I have to convert them to low-rez, and then figure out how to organize them. I have a lot of them and they came out nice, however.

     Update 4/15: Sorry for the long time without any updates! I've had a busy Easter weekend, and on top of that Photoshop has been acting up on me, not allowing me to work on any graphics. Ty has submitted 3 more pictures, he has contributed the most art to my site so far, thanks! I'll try to keep myself updated every day for the rest of the week, but next weekend, with prom, is going to be extremely busy. Happy Easter!

     Update 4/11: Ty submitted some cool art, which is in my visitor art gallery. Wow, my message board seems to be my sites main attraction, and I think that it's neat how there are a lot of participants. Well, it's 10 right now, which means there probably won't be much more participation. Any new debate topics would be welcomed, religion is good, I wonder if we could find something else like this.

   &nbsp Update 4/10: The only new things you'll notice is a new picture in my photo gallery. I got a haircut today! You may not notice this, but on all my pages I lowered the quality of the pictures on the thumbnails, so now when you go to my pages they should take much less time to load. Keep submitting stuff, and don't forget to hit the board hardcore tonight.

   &nbsp Major update 4/9: I have done a lot of updates today! I put up a new picture in my art gallery, my photo gallery, and I got another visitor submitted photo. I put up a new quote of the week, and another poll. Also, I posted a few messages on the message board. Enjoy!

     Minor update 4/8: I put up a new picture in the visitor photo gallery, and I started a new debate topic on the message board. This new debate topic is a very touchy and sensitive subject, but I still think it is one that needs to be discussed. And last of all, I passed 300 hits yesterday, awesome!

     No update 4/7: I'm truly sorry, but I was busy today from 1 PM til 12:35 A.M. with other people, and since I woke up at 10, I haven't had really any time for my site today! You guys must have been busy too, I only got 4 hits today! I'm still averaging over 30 a day though. There were a few new posts on the message board, however. I think it's interesting, I always check my site for updates by you guys, such as on the poll, the message board, and the guest book. I'm not the only person who adds new content to my page. I didn't get any new art or photos to put up today, I guess that means that I will have to get myself working on my own photos and artwork. Thanks for your time.

     Minor update 4/6: There is such a thing as Ultra Pr0n Creator 3000! One of my anonymous visitors submitted his very own box cover! Thanks! I will try to have a new poll up asap, but I'm still not quite sure on the topic. That's probably all for tonight.

     Minor update 4/5: I have a new picture in my visitor art gallery, and a piece of my own new artwork in my art gallery. I also passed 200 hits today! I have 33 signatures in my guestbook also. I'm doing this update because I noticed that one of my visitors is logged into my site, so I thought I mind as well post what's updated. I may do more tonight, assuming I have time.

     Minor update 4/4: Well, I'm sorry but I guess that these update ARE very minor. I put up a new picture in the visitor photo gallery, and I changed someone's picture also. There IS someone who wrote on my message board who is anonymous to me, I have no idea who he/she is. Good job! Also, I'm about 10 hits short of 200! Also, 32 people have signed my guestbook now. This success is really making me feel good, and also that I have so many readers. Thanks a lot!

     Major update 4/3: Hey! Tonight has been great guys! My message board has had many different people hitting it, I actually have visitors! YEA!! Well, on top of that, I've got my user photo gallery up, with 3 photos, and my user art gallery up, with 1 photo. Thanks to you all for your permission for your pictures. I put up some new rants, and I've already gotten about 40 hits within the last hour. I took a letter off the help column, at that person's request. I have another picture for the user art and more coming with permissions.

     Updates 4/1: Thanks to *No name submitted* for submitting me a help question! I apologize, I didn't have time to reply to it all the way, but it will be finished by tomorrow! I put a questionable content banner at the top of my page, and don't ask me to censor or get rid of the questionable content because I won't. Also please submit any art of photos you have for my new galleries.

     Minor updates 3/31: So far, I have inserted Meta Tags! I'm sorry, my viewers won't notice any change, but this enables me to be seen from search engines and that sort of stuff, I think. If you know anything about HTML, you can see my meta tags by right clicking on my page then choosing view source. Oh, also I updated myself to Internet Explorer 6.0 Beta, which is nice. It has a very nice music player in this new personal bar feature. I suggest you check it out from www.microsoft.com.

     Minor updates 3/30: I have put on a new quote of the week, as well as a new picture in the gallery. The new gallery has a photo of me with the shirt i got at the Destiny's Child concert Wednesday. I also got a counter up, but it has to start at 0! :(

     Minor updates 3/26-2/28: I've thrown a few minor things, such as about 6 new rants, and two new pictures in the photo gallery. Thanks to my sis Hayley for taking those two pics with me! Also, if you have any of your own art you'd like to submit, or a suggestion for a poll, please post it on the message board.

     Update 3/25: Sorry for such a long time without an update, angelfire servers have been acting up, and not allowing me to login to change anything. As of right now I have 21 signatures in the guestbook, and that's great! Thanks guys! Also, I have replied to two new letters in the help column, And that's good also. I am going to try to get another poll up here soon. I will keep adding to the rants page, more HAVE come up, I'll try to get around to it. And I will also get around to that photo gallery ONE of these days...

     Update 3/22: No time to put up a photo gallery, but I did get up a new quote of the week. You however have to go to the new link on my links page to understand it. It is pretty funny if you have the time to check it all out.

     Update 3/21: I may still put up a photo gallery tonight, we will have to see. I haven't heard a single quote this week that would be worthy of quote of the week, or at least none I would feel like repeating. I'm not really feeling the best tonight.

     Update 3/20: I put up a rants page, and I am preparing a photo gallery of pictures I have taken with my web cam. Thank you all for signing my guestbook. Please keep the help letters coming, It seems that I have frozen at one letter. I know you guys don't all have perfect lives! I'm still wondering on new additions for my web page. Any suggestions put them on the message board!

     Update 3/19: I have a rants page made (not up), and finally, someone wrote in to my help column. Also take my new poll. Keep making me angry so I can have more content for my rants page guys! Also I'm looking for quotes for this week, so keep your wisecracks coming. Why does it seem like all my quotes come from study hall? Oh well, I guess that will be my main source of quotes for now.

    Major update 3/16: Moved page to angelfire servers. I now have an annoying banner at the top of the page, but I got rid of the multiple popups, broken links and pictures, and the horrible load times. I hope the change is for the best. The journal is currently a controversial subject, it was posted, then taken down, then sat dormant for a week, then accidentally deleted. I don't think it will be back up again, but it hasn't been ruled out. Please write into the help page, because no one has yet. Also the experiences page is not up currently, just because I don't know what to put on it.

    Created! 3/06: Get ready for another one of these terrible home pages made by inexperienced people. Well I guess im not inexperienced, I have been doing this for 3 years, but when the experience finally comes to you, you won't have the time for it anymore. I hope when my site is done, I can share many experiences with you, and help you become more educated about your life. 

    I'd also like to share some of my computer graphics with you. They reflect more than just boredom. I make them indicating my moods. I have made hellish graphics when i was mad, and I have made happy graphics filled with hope before I was going to go do things I enjoy. 

    I do my best to act to a mental counselor to my friends. I like to help them with any personal problems, i try to be their psychologist. I feel successful sometimes, and I really enjoy helping people. I would like to have an advice column on my page, in which people can write in to me, and I will do my best to help you all with your problems.

   If you have any questions, email me at my temporary email address, dustin@3dfiles.net. I hope I can get this page up soon, and keep it updated often.