Welcome to the grand opening of version 2.0 of the Rachael Leigh Cook site as part of the DrShrink Network

Hi thanks for coming, as you can see ive given this section of the site a much needed makeover and i hope youll be impressed with the results.
As there are thousands of great sites out there for rachael all with extensive picture and infomrations collections ive decided to do things a little diffrent here, So instead i shall be showing off a selection of less known pics , arranged in an informal faviourates list .

I will also be including as many downloads as i can so you can customize your desktop and adore it with rachael pictures and sounds clips.

So please take the time to look around and enjoy this new version of the rlc sections and enjoy the rest of the sites on this netowrk (well when i say network i basically mean a few sites ive made but hey it sounds more fancy so it shall stay :)

Anyway enjoy and hope to see you all on the rlc forums , mailing lists and lining up for the next rlc movie at the cinema.

Was Down under
(didnt say hi though :(
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