Rachael Leigh Cook was born October 4, 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This
brown haired, doe eyed beauty from Minnesota has graduated from high school of
spring 1998. Rachael is 5'2 and weighs around 100 pounds. Rachael got her first acting
role when she was around seven in a non-speaking part in a public service
announcement encouraging adults to become foster parents.
Around age 10, Rachael started modeling. With her parents' help, Rachael got an
agent and soon started landing modeling and commercial jobs. Rachael also
appeared in numerous school musicals. Rachael modeled for local ads in the
Minnesota. You can currently see her work on the Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits
box on store shelves now, Rachel is in a pink shirt and is next to a brown
cocker spaniel and is around 11 or 12 years old in that photo. Rachael modeled for
around four years before her professional acting career.

Rachael lives most of the year in her apartment in Los Angelas, but frequently visits with
her parents, and younger brother in Minnisota. Her younger brother Ben is around 18,
and Rachel and him get along really well.

Rachael loves art, especially drawing. . Rachael enjoys reading, writing (especially short stories),Someday, she even hopes to do some screenwriting and drawing,
tennis, rollerblading, garage sales, and shopping. Most of Rachael’s wardrobe is black and
brown. Rachael's favorite color is black. Her favorite authors include, Shirley Jackson,
F. Scott Fritzgerald, Franz Kafka. The bands Rachael like are Indigo Girls, The Who,
That Dog, and U2. Rachael's favorite TV shows include "American Gladiators",
"3rd Rock From the Sun", and "Fraiser". Rachael doesn't like spiders, power tools,
and rollercoasters (which runs in the family).

Rachael Leigh Cook burst onto the Hollywood scene in 1995, with the role of
Mary Anne Spier in the movie The Baby-Sitters Club, which was based on the
successful book series of the same name. She starred alongside other well-known
actresses such as Larisa Oleynik ("Secret World of Alex Mack") and Marla Sokoloff
("The Practice"). She won acclaim also as Becky Thatcher in Tom and Huck,
starring opposite Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement").
However before catching the eye of the nation, she was a model for print ads for
about four years. Her spots in the Target Stores ad and on the cover of a
Milkbone dog biscuit box are probably her best known ones.

Her acting career started with commercials and a part in the independent short film
'26 Summer Street'. She obtained manager through her modeling agency in
Minneapolis. Since appearing in the The Baby-Sitters Club, Rachael has gone on to
make 11 movies in just 3 years, including Carpool, Living Out Loud and Strike.
And with the dawn of a new year, Rachael is off to a great start in 1999.
'She's All That' opened in theatres the weekend of January 29 as the coveted number
one movie in America, grossing over $16 million in just 3 days of release.
With this kind of success, she's sure to be in demand in Hollywood. She tells Moxie
Girl magazine, "I look forward to all kinds of roles...playing more adult parts,
preferably ones written for people over 16 years of age." If you're a casting agent
looking to fill a part, look no further...she's the one...and she's all that, too!

Rachael was the first person to be cast in She's All That. She was drawn to the
script's humor. "Very few things make you laugh out loud when you're by yourself.
But when I read the script, I was laughing my head off in the middle of the night all
alone", she recalls. "I just wanted to grab someone and say, 'This is really funny! I
want to do this!'"

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