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Little Runaway
© Me [Amanda]

Pounding on the walls
Screaming from the outside
Sobbing on the inside.
Running away from it
Walking backwards towards it.

She's a little runaway,
A castaway-
A reject...

She's an imperfect rolemodel
A slacker-
A loser...

Coming from a broken family,
Wanting to be back at home-
Needing to be loved as one.

She's a little runaway,
She needs to find her place
She doesn't need an escape,
She needs to move on...


Mythical creatures
Walk the land
Wizards on corners
Wands in their hand.

Dragons fly
The skies at night
I look upward
To watch the beautiful sight

Magical horses
Called unicorns
Are beautiful
With glittering horns.

Silver and green
Fairies flutter around
A shimmery mist
Covers the ground.

This land is perfect
No one is mean
I wish I could live there-
But it's only a dream.
©Amanda 2001

what to say what to dare
knowing that the loves not there
hoping after every minute
for the end of pain but theres no limit
no limit to the hate and rage
your trapped within a doorless cage
the pain blinds you you can not see
the joy of all eternity
©Hunter 2001

what to say what to say
words are only in the way
heart and soul in mindless clatter
never knowing whats the matter
look down in side my heart
hoping that we never part
but i see the end is near
and i must look at my very last fear
you must go and i must stay
there can be no other way
so now i stand at hells dark gates
i have locked in my fate
it was always to late
but look up to the skies
knowing that my hope cant die
there you stand at heaven's gate
there you find your final fate
so i'm am happy now to see
the joy of your eternity
©Hunter 2001


You were here
But now you're gone
Like the shadows
Of a sorry song

Like the lonesome wind
In the mourning trees
Are you going
To come back to me

The frosty cold
On a winter night
How you kept me warm
And eased my fright

Gnarly nightmares
That took you away
A long lost love
That didn't stay

You were here
But now you're gone
And the silvery nightingale
Finishes her sad song
© C. 2001


What if?
The sky fell
down, the
moon stopped
shining, the
sun grew
dim, day became
night, the
oceans dried
up, the world
What if?
I had never
seen your
smile, never
heard your
laugh, never
felt your
arms around me,
never knew
the touch
of your lips,
the world
would end!
©Kristin 2001

Ode to World Religions

Mondays and Thursdays my life is complete
I sit in a class and I think and I think
I phase in and out paying no attention at all
Cuz I suffer through talks about god and all
Day after day minute by minute
I can't concentrate when the man with the beard
talks and talks and talks... forever
Shave your beard and cut your hair
Wash your clothes and change your course
Don't go round and round in thought
Answer the question and don't give thought
Please just END.
©Kristin 2001