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Rantings and Ravings of a Closet Manic Depressive
I like to Vent...

Chit Chat...
Everyone experiences extreme highs followed by incredible lows, or vice versa. So in any case, some of these not-so-random ramblings are me writing out my frustrations, pain, joy, or whatever the case may be. Others are just random ramblings... really! I hope that you can enjoy them for their poetic value, if there is any! Check out the archives too... links at the bottom :)

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The Fun Begins!


An empty theatre that calls for an audience,
Thatís how I am, thatís how Iíve been.
A darkened stage that waits for a show,
Thatís how Iíve always been, you know.
But youíve awakened me,
You are my symphony.

Your flutes sing for me
Your violins cry for me
Your trumpets rejoice for me
Your songs are my heartís content,
You are my symphony

The lights go on, the conductor hushes.
He waits and waits, the first flute blushes.
The lights get brighter, the conductor starts
I hear your song, feel my pounding heart.
Thatís what you are to me,
You are my symphony.

Your cymbals crash for me
Your drums pound for me
Your oboes haunt me...

Your flutes sing for me
Your violins sob for me
Your trumpets celebrate me
Your songs are my heartís content,
You are my symphony.