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    Welcome to my little direct advice corner where the blind leads the blind. Of course I'm always looking for people to send me questions. It doesn't have to be serious or anything just something I can comment on. It can be addressed anonymously if you wish. So read on!


    Here's a question from Becka-Butt: on 3/12/03

    Why will she becoming 'round the mountain when she comes? Can she only come around the mountain and if so what happens when her husband relocates her to the coast? Then where shall she come?

    Your question is vague but I'll see what I can squeeze from it. Basically I take your question as the metaphor for the typical "modern Anerican" woman. Here to spell it out I'll put the metaphors in quotes. So this "Woman", will she just "circumvent" (go around) the "problems and obstacles" presented to her by men in society or will she destroy them? Is it possible to destroy them or is she forced just to "slip by" them? Also is a woman defined by her husband? And what are the "perimeters" when married. Who should "move" who? And if a woman sacrifices for her husband can she really "fight" the "mountain?" Can she even "go around it?" "Yeah..." "Right?"

    Wait a sec... *goes back and re-reads her interpretation* Okay... well.. basically... umm... YO GO GIRL! \m/ \m/ RAWK!


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