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Vertical Horizon/Everything You Want

This is the debut of this column and hopefully it will get bigger and better as time goes on. Anyway, the other day I was cruising in my 92 Olds with the radio crankin' and this awesome song came on. It was so beautiful yet the radio DJ didn't say what band or artist it was. Well this pissed me off a great deal. I searched the net using the lyrics I could remember from the song but I still had no luck. A few days later though, the song came on again and the DJ said it was Vertical Horizon. The song was "Best I Ever Had". I had heard "Everything You Want" and "You're A God" by them before and enjoyed them but this song just blew me away. If you're a fan of the song I know your nodding your head in agreement now and if you're not a fan you're probably shouting profanities at your computer screen. But I can't hear you so stop. Anyway, after hearing 2 of their other songs and this godly one I decided to purchase their newest CD entitled "Everything You Want". And lemme tell ya, this CD spanks the ass hard. There isn't a song on it that I don't like. Usually I can find a bad song on any CD, but not this one. Unless you just absolutely despise rock music, you couldn't be disappointed with it. Now, you might not like it as much as I did but you'll hafta enjoy it some. It has a good mixture of upbeat rock and some great slow songs, including "Best I Ever Had" which is just beautiful. Also, the lyrics are great. I enjoy writing lyrics myself so those are always important to me. Ok enough rambling. Let's break the CD down.

Music: Godly

Lyrics: Awesome

And for the final touch let's place this CD in the Ass-O-Meter. *Drum Roll*
Aww ye it registered a 10. The ass is still screaming as we speak. So there ya go. the Ass-O-Meter has spoken. You can't get a better CD than this. Go buy it now. Peace out biatch.

Vertical Horizon/Everything You Want final rating: 10