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Rammstein | Mutter

Christoph Doom Schneider (Drums)
Doktor Christian Lorenz (Keyboards)
Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein (Guitar)
Till Lindemann (Vocals)
Paul Landers (Guitar)
Oliver Riedel (Bass)
Guest(s) | Khira Li, BoBo, Filmorchester Babelsberg (Orchestra), Spectrasonic's "Symphony of Voices"
Produced By | Jacob Hellner
Mixed By | Stefan Glaumann
Record Label | Republic/Universal Records
Website |,
Singles | Links 2-3-4, Sonne

Those crazy German rocker's return with a brand new 11 track album that is sure to deliver. Rammstein definately is not a "one-trick Pony" band. You could easily listen through this entire CD and enjoy every second of it. It will take you everywhere and put images in your mind, and not a single word is in English. That takes talent. Everything is perfect, the drums, the guitars, the vocals.. especially the vocals. The opening song has a great orchestra playing and vocalist Till Lindermann quietly singing, and soon it moves into their classic heavy music right after Till starts screaming. But, he doesn't just scream, if you spoke German you could understand him perfectly. Another great thing is the keyboards. Some songs will open up with, not guitars, not drums, but keyboard effects done by Christian Lorenz. Rammstein remains the best heavy band in my book and probably all ways will. Not only is the music outstanding, but the CD case and booklet
photographs and art are really good. One of the best I've ever seen. The band's latest effort is definitely worth the $13.99 you'll pay for it at Circuit City *smiles brightly and raises thumb*.

Track Listing -
01 Mein Herz Brennt (My Heart Burns)
02 Links 2 3 4 (Left 2 3 4)
03 Sonne (Sun)
04 Ich Will (I Want)
05 Fever Frei! (Fire!)
06 Mutter (Mother)
07 Spieluhr (Music Box) (
08 Zwitter (Hermaphrodite)
09 Rein Raus (In Out)
10 Adios (Goodbye (Forever)
11 Nebel (Fog)
Total Length | 45:03

Best Songs on Strait Up -
All are good.

How Strait Up Rates -
Vocals | Godly
Lyrics | Awesome
Music | Godly
Overall | Time for the good ol' Ass-O-Meter! *drum roll*
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*No asses were harmed in the making of this review