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Godsmack | Awake

Vocals | Sully
Guitars, Backing Vocals | Tony
4-String Thing, Vocals | Robbie
Drums, Vocals | Tommy
Guest(s) | Katrina Chester, Mysterious Forces Beyond TV Program
Produced By | Sully & Mudrock
Mixed By | Mudrock unless said otherwise
Record Label | Republic/Universal
Website |,
Singles (as of March 15, 2001) | Awake, Greed

Godsmack has returned, and it really doesn't seem like it's been that long,
but maybe it's just me. Arguably this is their best effort yet, though I do
miss the VooDoo style which was found at the end of the original album and is
now no where to be found. Unless you count Spiral which sounds a bit like it
at the beginning and at some other parts. The first single off the album,
Awake, which is also the title track, has been getting some good air play on
radio stations in the United States, but it doesn't seem to be as popular as
the once huge singles VooDoo and Whatever. When you first start listening to
the CD you will probably be blown away by Sick Of Life, which is probably the
best song on there in my opinion, and they keep up the good work with Awake
and Greed. But from there they seem to start "goin' down" untill the track
Vampires, which is a instrumental track, much like Someone In London. They
finish it off with the final track, Spiral. The track before that is just an
intro to it. Also, unlike the original, there is no hidden track like "Mud"
which appeared after VooDoo before. The vocals are good but repeative. His
tone doesn't really change much at all, only a few times. They often use the
fade out effect as well which is pretty neat. The sound is very much like it
was, nothing has really change accept maybe the songs are longer and there's
3 less songs than before. Most of the album is pretty heavy, and rarely slows
down. It's not so heavy that it's just annoying, though. The guitars are very
well done, and give a good feeling of anger. The pounding drums helps this,

Awake Track Listing -
01 Sick Of Life | 3:52
02 Awake | 5:04
03 Greed | 3:28
04 Bad Magick | 4:14
05 Goin' Down | 3:22
06 Mistakes | 5:58
07 Trippin' | 4:55
08 Forgive Me | 4:19
09 Vampires | 3:45
10 The Journey | 0:49
11 Spiral | 5:34
Total Length | 45:30

Best Songs on Awake -
Sick Of Life

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Past Works By Godsmack -
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CornDawg Rating - None

How Awake Rates -
Vocals | Good
Lyrics | Tolerable
Music | Good
Overall | Time for the good ol' Ass-O-Meter! *drum roll*
Well we got a good cry out of the ass but nothing big. In fact the ass just
kicked Godsmack back and Godsmack is now running away. 5.
A good effort that pays off and delievers more than the original. Even if
there are less tracks.

Did You Know?
The term Godsmack really means the same thing as karma. Godsmacks you back