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Disturbed | The Sickness | 2000

Vocals | David Draiman
Guitar, Electronics | Dan Donegan
Bass | Fuzz
Drums, Programming | Mike Wengren
Guest(s) | ...
Produced By | Johnny K & Disturbed
Mixed By | Andy Wallace
Record Label | Giant Records
Website |,
Singles (as of March 15, 2001) | Stupify, Down With The Sickness (Cancelled),

Dark, scary, insane... disturbed. Perfect.
Disturbed's debut CD, The Sickness, was one of the more antisipated albums of
last year. Their first single Stupify was huge, and then Down With The
Sickness began playing until the band canceled it and released Voices, which
is being played just as much as Stupify was. Just seeing the cover is enough
to convince you that the band truly is what their name says they are, and
their music backs it up. Every song is dark, and freaky. They even manage to
give the classic Tears For Fears song "Shout" a gloomy fealing. The CD has
sold millions and gone platinum, and for good reason. David Draiman's vocals
are like no other, it's as if he's mumbling while screaming, and he makes a
lot of noises that are hard to imitate and sound odd, yet cool. Covering this
band will be difficult indeed. The album is pure rock and energy. They even
mix a hint of techno in with the beginning of The Game. The guitars and drums
go perfectly along with the vocals, from the long screams to the quick
delivering of words, the band always keeps up and does repeat the same sounds
over and over. Every song is full of different sounds and it never gets
boring. A great album and band. Disturbed looks to have a huge future.

The Sickness Track Listing -
01 Voices | 3:11
02 The Game | 3:45
03 Stupify | 4:05
04 Down With The Sickness | 4:38
05 Violence Fetish | 3:22
06 Fear | 3:45
07 Numb | 3:44
08 Want | 3:51
09 Conflict | 4:34
10 Shout2000 | 4:16
11 Droppin' Plates | 3:47
12 Meaning Of Life | 4:02
Total Length | 47:38

Best Songs on The Sickness -
The Game
Down With The Sickness

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Past Works By Disturbed -
None, The Sickness is their debut album.

How The Sickness Rates -
Vocals | Good
Lyrics | Good
Music | Good
Overall | Time for the good ol' Ass-O-Meter! *drum roll*
Well, the ass was launched into the air but landed a few seconds afterwards,
a cry was let out as well. 6.

Did You Know?
For a long time, singer David was not part of the band and the other members
desperately searched for a good singer, then David came and said "Let's
improvise" instead of covering other bands songs, something they had never
had a singer do before. David also brought a new band name with him.