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Cold - 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage

Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Guitar | Scooter
Drums | Sam
Guitar | Kelly
Guitar | Terry
Bass | Jeremy
Guest(s) | Background vocals on No One and Witch by Sierra Swan, Background
vocals on "Send In The Clowns" and "Bleed" by Aaron Lewis of Staind.
Produced By | Jordan Schur, Adam Kasper, Cold, Chris Vrenna, & Fred Durst.
Mixed By | David J. Holman
Record Label | Flip/A&M Records, Geffen Records
Website |
Singles (as of March 15, 2001) | Just Got Wicked, No One

Fred Durst once again discovers a band that has made it big. But don't let
that scare you, if you didn't read it somewhere, it's very hard to tell that
Fred was involved at all. Cold returns with their sophomore album dedicated
to Raul Espinosa. From the dark, loud, gloomy sound of No One, End Of The
World and most of the other songs, to the quiet and sad guitar playing of
Bleed, this album is definately worth the small price tag that is.. or was,
attached to it. Scooter's vocals are simply amazing, some may complain about
not being able to understand him but in my view it doens't really matter,
it's just relaxing to listen to his voice. Even when he yells and screams you
can still hear the pain in his voice, such in the lines of Confession: "Now
she's old, she's been blessed, take a bow and confess, she threw it all away,
my angel died that day, no one came, no one cared. You think you're half as
good as me, the only thing you'll ever be.. is just a way for me to bleed on
The album isn't really a "happy" one, every song is meant to fill you with
the singer's (or maybe band's) sadness and depression, but at the same time
makes you smile because of the amazing sound of the band playing and the
singer's voice. The album goes from quiet to loud a lot, and the final song
is just beautiful. A very mellow guitar, very sad and depressed vocals which
describe how Scooter would be nothing without music, and Aaron Lewis singing
quietly in the background. Perhaps working on this song inspired him to do
the song "OutSide," which is on the Family Values '99 CD. Although, there's
the problem.. I think OutSide was done before Bleed.. maybe it was the other
way around. Oh well, I don't know.. I do know that both songs are amazing and
worth your money alone. Aaron Lewis goes with Scooter so well it sounds like
the exact same person, Staind and Cold touring together would be a great
idea. Perhaps on the next Family Values tour. Oh, and Staind is or did
re-record a studio version of Outside for their upcoming album, Break The
Cycle, and if you ask me, having Scooter do the backup vocals instead of Fred
Durst is a very good idea. Hey, they even look somewhat alike.. well okay,
they both have no hair... kinda like Fred Durst!

13 Ways To Bleed On Stage Track Listing -
01 Just Got Wicked | 4:00
02 She Said | 4:08
03 No One | 3:17
04 End Of The World | 3:04
05 Confession | 3:48
06 It's All Good | 3:42
07 Send In The Clowns | 4:13
08 Same Drug | 3:43
09 Anti-Love Song | 3:10
10 Witch | 3:49
11 Sick Of Man | 4:04
12 Outerspace | 3:37
13 Bleed | 3:57
Total Length | 45:30

Best Songs on 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage -
No One
End Of The World
Send In The Clowns.

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CornDawg Rating - None

How 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage Rates -
Vocals | Godly
Lyrics | Godly
Music | Awesome
Overall | Time for the good ol' Ass-O-Meter! *drum roll*
Ooooh that looked painful. The ass is now in the air and it doesn't look like
it will land anytime soon. 9.
Cold is definately one of the hottest bands on the scene today and are very
much worth your money if you're a deep person who likes music with a dark

Did You Know?
Cold is another one of Fred Durst discoveries, along with Staind. Staind lead
singer Aaron Lewis is also found lurking around in the background of this