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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

Game Shark Codes

Japanese Demo Codes
Master Code (Must Be On) ECB78550 1456E60A
Infinite Diazepam 3CBB4E4A 1456E79F
Infinite Rations 3CBB4E3E 1456E79F
Max Rations 3CBB4E7E 1456E788
Infinite Bandage 3CBB4E46 1456E79F
Have M9 & Infinite Ammo 4CBB4FCE 1456E781
Have USP & Infinite Ammo 4CBB4FD4 1456E781
Have FA-MAS & Infinite Ammo 4CBB4FD8 1456E788
Have Enemy Uniform 3CBB4E50 1456E7A6
Have V Sensor 3CBB4E7A 1456E7A6
Have Smokes 3CBB4E66 1456E7A6
Have Box A 3CBB4E68 1456E7A6
Have Box B 3CBB4E78 1456E7A6
Have Box C 3CBB4E76 1456E7A6
Have Wet Box 3CBB4E7C 1456E7A6