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Well-Traveled Pig

(Peepers - the first guinea pig I drove on the Pig Train, May 2001 - who could resist that face??)

Update on Peepers (2/13/02): "I just saw Peepers on your website today! He sends you his regards. Peepers remains a real personality and a shameless begger who climbs into the refrigerator and hooks his paws on open veggie bins. He is bright, alert,and always under foot when out. He is fearless and will eat in mid kitchen instead of running. He never stops eating. It must be a holdover from his days in the open horse troughs in PA where it was snatch and gulp. In three months Peepers will be celebrating the anniversary of his last railroad stop at Tysons Corner Mall. Peepers thanks you all again for his railroad!"

So you want a guinea pig?

I'm not about to re-invent the wheel. There are some marvelous pages out there that will give you all the information you need to properly care for a guinea pig/cavy. Even "old timers" will find them useful. This page is to help you find a guinea pig, and just as importantly, help a homeless guinea pig find you.

There are literally thousands of homeless guinea pigs in shelters and rescues all over the world. Some were impromptu purchases from the pet store, or gifts that lost their appeal after Easter. Some were unwanted offspring from improper sexing or careless housing  - too many females come already pregnant from the pet store. Some were dropped off, and some were found lying in gutters or sitting in their own filth. Ask any rescuer and I'm sure you will hear more than one sad tale about the guinea pigs in their care.

Guinea pigs are wonderful animals. They are friendly and cuddly, and full of personality. They deserve better. If you are looking for a guinea pig, please consider adopting one (or two - they love company) from a rescue. Being a rescue pig doesn't mean it will love you any less. Most rescues have boars, sows, and babies. Some have spayed/neutered animals for adoption. Looking for a special breed or color? A rescue may have just what you were looking for. And don't rule out the joys of adopting an older pig - properly cared for, guinea pigs can live between 5 and 8 years. 

If you're not sure you want a guinea pig, check out the Marvelous Pages links below. Ask about guinea pigs on the message boards - cavy ownership is not a requirement for membership. Besides getting some great information from other cavy slaves (we know who the real bosses are!) you might find the perfect pig for you, and people willing to help you get your new pet from another state (or even country) to your home.

the first family pigture

(my inspiration - Stephen van Gogh and Maxwell J. Hause - Max is not terribly enthusiastic about his new friend in this shot)

(many thanks to the Cavy Madness and Cavies Galore members for their help on this list)

Many of these rescuers are normal people with normal lives and the kindness of their hearts is causing great financial strain. Many of them have accounts with American Pet Diner or Oxbow. Please contact them to see how you can support their efforts, even if you can't take a guinea pig into your home. Consider it cavy sponsorship. Hint. Hint.

This is by no means a complete list. If you have more rescues/shelters to add to this list, please email me at

Cavy Spirit

Theresa's pages speak for themselves. Check out her two adoption pages and her cage page. (Guinea Pig Rescue and Adoption Site) (An International Rescue and Adoption Site) or (Cage Ideas)

Andrea Dillard 
Chattanooga Area Guinea Pig Rescue

"We are a rescue that began in May of 2000 thanks to the Hampton 100 (Jan unknowingly created a monster!) We have rescued 104 piggies and placed 84. We accept monetary donations as well as hay, food, bedding, cages, water bottles, ect."

Circle City Guinea Pig Rescue
Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Circle City Guinea Pig Rescue has over 20 piggies who are currently available for adoption (out of quarantine and healthy). If you, or anyone you know, are interested in adopting a wonderful rescue piggy, and are in or near the Indianapolis, Indiana area, please check out our website and email us." 

Judi Lanier
Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue
DC Metro Area/Baltimore, MD

"Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue takes in unwanted and abandoned guinea pigs from
shelters throughout the Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland metro areas. They also do laboratory rescues if space and funds permit. Most of the guinea pigs are rehabilitated, spayed/neutered, and made available for adoption. Donations are always welcome - expenses for 2000 have gone over the $15,000 mark."
The Hampton 100
Hampton, VA


Cavy Care, Inc.
4343 S. Jasper St. 
Aurora CO 80015
Phone: 303-693-4630

Bob Pooler, President 
Steve English, Vice President 
Rose Pooler, Secretary/Treasurer 
The Critter Coral

Steger, IL about 30 minutes south of Chicago 

"We normally have between 60 and 80 homeless piggies in our rescue at any given time looking for new loving homes. These are piggies turned into local shelters because the kids no longer want them, the owners are tired of them or our all time favorite: the piggie doesn't match the decor now that we redecorated the house (TRUE!!) All of our piggies are vet checked as we don't want to knowingly adopt out a sick piggie. 

We also have a Sponsor a Senior Program for those who can't adopt another piggie for home. This helps us care for some wonderful seniors who would otherwise be euthanized. The sponsor gets a pigture, story and certificate. Check out our website

Central Florida Guinea Pig Rescue & Adoption
Trina Boswell

Saint Petersburg, Florida
phone: (727) 526-3113

"Accepting unwanted and abandoned guinea pigs in Central Florida."

Wheekers World
Massachusetts/New Hampshire

"No matter the breed or sex, every pig has a home here."


Other Sites (see rescues and clubs under the links section)

Those Marvelous Pages

Want more info? Check out these sites. Not only do they have loads of useful and interesting information, most of them have message boards - VERY USEFUL., of course, pictures!

literary "taste"

In fond memory of Maxwell, March 1997 - September 12, 2001

Rest in Peace, Baby.