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      Although, they had lots of trany problems, probably due to the fact That these bikes have a way to high horse power to torque ratio, they’re still a killer bike!  One thing I don’t like about the R6 however is the fact that the freaking thing revs 16g’s Holly fuck, ever seize an engine when its revving at 16g’s? I haven’t and I don’t want to! Kinda like rubbing 60 Grit sandpaper in your own eyes! OUCH! How ever the trany problem was fixed this year, with a lower ratio gearbox…. This will lower torque however it will increase top speed.

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   The bikes have reasonably Good seating position and handle like that dream you had last night with That girl in your work or class who always bends down in front of you and waves you a quick flash of her tits! These bikes have awesome acceleration as we’ll….  And crazy Wheelies are still feasible but not as easy as they are to do one the older R6’s and R1’s….  But the main thing is when your riding on it down the street, you don’t have to honk at the skinny blond hair girl walking half naked down the street, she’s all over you like a dog and a chew toy! I rate these bikes at an 8… Kinda in between the Hondas and the Suzis! Just for the fact that you get a crazy super sport bike at a reasonable cost!

  Once again Yamaha proves they can hold their own!

Nathan Kimmett.










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