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    By now if you haven't heard of the Boob Raider movie, you've been living in a cave, every channel you change to there's a commercial of it, and every site on the net has a link to it, but is all this advertising of just cause, I mean, is the movie really worth it.

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    The movie itself has smoked the box office and every movie in it.  With a total of 48.2 million already, it seems this movie is either really good, or really well advertised, in my opinion, which is rather blatant (cause I haven't seen the movie), I would say well advertised, and that's cause everyone I have talked to has said the movie had no story-line, just some T and A, and a bit of action, and to the average guy that seems like a good movie, but I prefer to watch something intriguing.  Be rest assured, once I see this movie I will update this page with a full outline of the movie, and what I thought about it, so for now, check out the box office scores, and check back for updates.

1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider $48.2 million
2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire $20.4 million
3. Shrek $12.9 million
4. Swordfish $12.2 million
5. Pearl Harbor $9.5 million
6. Evolution $6.5 million
7. The Animal $5.7 million
8. Moulin Rouge $5.2 million
9. What's the Worst That Could Happen? $2.8 million
10. The Mummy Returns $2.4 million

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My Life News            

I was talking to a buddy of mine on ICQ the other night when he sent me this pic, and he said it seemed  rather appropriate for me to post it on this site, and I, in fact, agree.  

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